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There is a good deal on a slightly used Orvis H2 10wt. I need a 10wt for small tarpon and sinking lines for small palegics.

I currently own a Loomis CC glx 10wt. It has all the power to throw sinking lines and whoop a medium tarpon..but i have never really liked the action of this rod.. it works, but it is not "fun" to fish.

on the flipside

I used to own a Recon 10wt. It was super fun to cast and could cast a floating line great...but it had very little backbone. I caught a 15lb yellowtail with it and though it would break. I would not feel confident about a 50lb tarpon on this rod. Honestly I would consider it more of a 9wt as it had about the same capabilities as my xi3 9wt.

What about the H2 in a 10wt? In a dream world it would cast like the recon and fight like the cc glx.

any users of the 10wt?

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