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    here is info for the mid-arbor IV   Battenkill Mid Arbor IV Reel - for line weights 7-8 6.2 oz., 3½" diameter (SI72ET-61)
    If unexpected big fish are a possibility, the Battenkill Mid Arbor fly fishing reel is ideal preparation. This fly reel strikes the perfect balance between performance and tradition. The classic profile mid-arbor fly reel design minimizes line curl and increases line retrieval rates compared to standard-arbor fly reels. Fly reel in titanium, black.
    Mid-arbor fly reel design with 25% more backing capacity than Battenkill Large Arbor fly reels.
    Less fly line coiling than on standard arbor fly reels.
    Fly reel has center line disc drag and one-way clutch bearing.
    Fly reel has 720º adjustment range–60 indexed stops from free spool to dead stop–for total control.
    Glass composite drag surfaces provide cork feel and excellent tippet protection.
    Easy-to-grab drag knob.
    Fly reel is machined from bar 6061 bar stock aluminum.
    Fly reel is extremely durable and lightweight.
    Corrosion resistant, low maintenance, stainless-steel fly reel gearing.
    Saltwater-proof, durable, scratch-resistant, hard-anodized finish.
    Fly reel is easily switched from right to left-hand retrieve.

    here is some info about the bbs IV
    BBS IV
    for line weights 6-9
    4.25 oz. 3 3/8" diameter  
    Fly fishing reel features:

    20% lighter than legendary original Battenkill fly fishing reels.
    Machined from bar stock 6262-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and low weight
    Anodized black or titanium finishes are more durable than the painted finish on die-cast fly reels
    Stainless steel gearing is durable and virtually maintenance-free
    Adjustable Rulon® offset disc drag mechanism recognized as the most dependable in the industry.
    Easy switching from right-hand to left-hand operation
    Fly reels are saltwater-proof
    For fly line weights 2-12

    both reels retail for the same price which is 129.00 a piece, atleast anywhere ive looked.  i am asking 100 dollars each firm!, thats 60 dollars less and i swear there is not a scratch on either one.  they were used only once, two years ago for about 6-7 hours, they have never touched the ground and always kept safe.  they were made in england.  shipping anywhere in the continental US, lower 48, is flat rate of 25 dollars insurance included UPS 2-3 days select.  By the way both reels can be used in saltwater.  The only reason I bought two other reels is because I misplaced these two and could not find them for about a year and a half, after I already bought my other two.  Both of the reels do not have line on them.  Any questions or if you need pics let me know, you can pm me or here is my email address. and sorry i didnt post all this before, maybe this will give you a better idea what these reels can do.  orvis has been in business since 1856.  Both of the reels performed flawlessly and excellent.  Perfect drag and easy to adjust.  thank you.
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