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Order of Operations????

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Hey All,

Again, sorry for the newbie questions. I just bought my first re-build and I am super excited. Having said that I am also not quite sure of the correct order of operations as far as making the most efficient use of my effort.

Here is the boat as it stands today.

When I am done, I plan to have re-glassed the boat inside and out, patched holes, removed center bench, new floor, fore and aft casting decks, wired for trolling motor, running lights, bilge pump and depth finder, 9.9 HP Tiller

Any advice is both welcome and appreciated!
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First thing is to fix the rotten transom. Then any work to the rails.

Then you will need to make a frame to make sure the hull is straight otherwise you will be rebuilding a crooked boat.

Then pick inside or out - there is no special order.
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