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Long time lurker here, first time poster. I am a guide down in Everglades City. Havent had anything that would qualify as a microskiff since I was a teenager. Well we want to change that very soon.This boat will run an occasional charter, but more for me when I am off to fish from. big change from my 24' tower boat. Heres what I would like opnions on, I have a 16' 1985 Dixie Skiff that we had planned on rebuilding into a little skiff for us. New transom, new stringers, new deck then a very simple layout with new power. That was until the Lauderdale show yesterday when I had the opportunity to meet Mel and see his Salt Marsh 16' skiff. This little boat it appears to me would do everything I need, and be an ok platform to take a single customer on occasion as well. Anybody running one and give me a good review? All help greatly appreciated.
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This section is a blackhole for lost and forlorn souls who like to chip rotten ply out of transoms and collect epoxy splatter on their forearms. You might try this question in the General Forum appropriate regional section since that is where the moderator put a similar question recently.  I think you'll get more interest.  Good luck.  That Salt Marsh skiff looks promising.

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