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I've had my Dolphin Superskiff for a year, it's been a rapid 12 months, I have fished from her anywhere near as much as I've wanted to. Work, Rigging her, and rebuilding my shed to keep her in has curtailed my weekends, but still I've managed 28 trips.
The boat has performed flawlessly, and continues to impress and surprise me with her capabilities.
I've taken her to The Lower Keys, The Sebastian and Crystal Rivers.
I've taken many friends out and put them on some quality fish.
I've even caught fish while using a Trolling Motor .

It was a long wait to find the right boat and a wait that was well worth it. I looked at a lot of boats, saw plenty of dogs, missed out on some great deals but eventually I found the right boat for me.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the many guys on here who have helped out with advice, answered my numerous questions and who's posts have kept me interested motivated and made me smile.

It's been a great year and I'm looking forward to many more.

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Looks like you've had a much better year of fishing than I have! Glad to hear you're pleased with how the boat came out. Anything that you would have done differently, or anything that you're really glad you chose to do the way you did?

I Love!
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The three major upgrades or changes I made were these:
I-pilot TM - absolutely love it that thing is an amazing tool, and despite what people told me I have caught fish while using it, even those ultra spooky Tampa Bay Reds, as you can see in the photos.

Lowrance Elite 9Ti2 - I bought this unit primarily to run the FMT charts. They have been a revelation and it's those that have enabled me to go to the Keys and other places and run around like a local (well at least not worrying about losing a lower unit).
As for using the Sounder on the unit I've not really learned all the ins and outs of that yet, but it's nice to know depths and water temps. Especially when fishing, rivers, lakes, bridges etc.

Power pole micro - while I love using it and it has worked great, it's more hassle than I expected. By that I mean it's hassle for whoever is fishing with me off the back of the boat.
When it's not deployed it sticks up way higher than the poling platform and is awkward for them to fish around. To overcome that somewhat I'm adding another base mount so I can move it to the other side of the poling platform.
When I'm solo it's a wonderful thing and works great.

I still have a few aesthetic upgrades to do, install seadeck on the bow and under the gunnels, maybe on the hatches and in the cockpit too. Upgrade the rod holder on the side console.
Add some lighting under the gunnels and in the hatches, as I'm planning on doing some night fishing of the local docks.

Other than that, she's good to go, I'm a very happy man. The bow deck on that skiff is my happy place and I wish I could be there much more often
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