On the water tool kit

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    Pliers, baby crescent wrench, small assortment of butt connectors, fuses, electrical tape, pull rope, spare drain plug, large flathead and medium phillips screw driver, zip ties, small v jaw plier. If I cant fix it with that ill just fix it at home.

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    this kit features forged, tempered steel tools that are double-chrome plated against corrosion.”

    No, But mine is about 15 years old. Lives on the boat and all the tools are functioning. I had to use it on the last trip. Trolling motor prop hit a submerged log and snapped the shear pin.
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    Lots of great ideas here. This is most of what I’ve put together: 99C7600C-ED64-4FAB-90B2-6060D4BD127E.jpeg
    I also added a roll of duct tape, an assortment of zip ties, a short handled ball peen hammer, and a couple spark plugs. Wiped everything down with some Corrosion X and tossed it in a roll top dry bag. All together it weighs 10 lbs. Also, in case all else fails, I tossed a fifth of whisky in there and taped my insurance card to the back. I’m with the person above who said “Sea Tow,” but sometimes those guys take hours and I can only not catch fish for so long.

    By the way, most of this stuff is Harbor Freight so I didn’t break the bank putting it together and I’m not worried if something happens to it.
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    For me, just basic tools like most have listed. Though my electric start 15hp yamaha needed a few more specialized tools to disassemble enough for a pull start(what a PITA that was). Plan in advance (and take it apart at home)to what level of repair you will be required to make to get back to the ramp.