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    Just spent a week up in Lakeside Ohio with my family. My brother has been coming here for the last 14 years and I decided to join him. Driving up I couldn't help but think that there were so many other places I could burn one of my vacations. It turned out to be a great place for a family vacation. I would liken it to the setting of the movie dirty dancing. It's like a town of about 500 homes that is on the southern shore of lake erie. It's been closed off by gates. More than half of the buildings are over a hundred years old and built as a Methodist retreat. It provides shows every night in a beautiful auditorium built in 1928. There is a downtown areas of shops with an old town feel. It was great for the kids as they can run free around town. Cars are frowned upon and most walk, ride bikes or use golf carts to get around. I was surprised on the first day when they had a wooden boat show. Most were from the 60's. Here are a few pics of the show.









    This boat was an old town canoe that reminded me of a gheenoe and man I wish I brought it with me.


    I use to race hobie cats in the 80's with my dad and haven't been in a sail boat for years. It was nice to be able to take my kids out in a sunfish.

    They also gave free wooden boat rides every night around sunset.

    For those of you who like wood construction this was a beautiful place to see shows at.


    I also got to take a trip thru the blue ridge parkway and take in the views. Didn't break out the rod, but next year I will plan better.

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    Very nice. Looking at some of those boats...
    how do you even get wood to bend ???

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    There is a "machine" called a steamer and the wood is placed inside for the appropriate time and then taken out and fastened to the the frames.


    The wood is soaked and attached at one end then it is gradually bent to the frame by using a loop of rope that is twisted down bending the wood.

    Why I remembered this I have nooooo idea.
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    Great pictures, your in Buckeye country!

    I have not spent much time in Lakeside, luv to see the olde Lyman's and Chris Crafts though :cool:

    We spend most of our time, when up in Lake Erie, in Sandusky Bay and Put in Bay? Great waters for all types of,boating and beach activities. Especially around the Islands!
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