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Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by oysterbreath, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. oysterbreath

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    So I've been looking at old 40-50 hp Merc motors online. Most of them from the late 70 to early 80s. I kinda want one but don't know squat about outboards. I would like to learn a bit of repair so part of me thinks it would be cool to buy an old motor and bring it back to life. BEsides, those old motors look good on wooden skiffs like mine. So I'd just like a little advise from those of you who know old merc motors? Would this be a bad idea? Also, how dificult is it to convert old remote mercs to tiller? Is that a bad idea? Thanks

    Lots of these floating around...
  2. Brett

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    Galvanic corrosion, metal fatigue, designed component lifespan....those are the problems I worry about.
    If you want to spend spare time working in the shop and chasing antique parts, go ahead. plenty of forums
    for antique outboard enthusiasts to compare notes and commiserate with. Me, I like being on the water,
    not hunting parts, waiting for parts, installing parts. For a showboat an antique outboard will bring attention.
    For a fishing boat, it'll bring SeaTow.  ;D

  3. noeettica

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    After reading Brett's post And he IS right

    I have a pair of 40 Hp 2 cylinder Mercs One long one short

    Should be enough to wind up with one good one

    PM Me if interested ...
  4. Sheremeta

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    I was passed down a 1975 20hp merc with less than 50 hrs on it. I am the third owner. It looks amazing however it won't start. Points and condensors as well as other antiquated technology not made for saltwater use keep me from getting it running. It looks great on its factory matching stand in my garage.