SOLD/EXPIRED okicolor 8 professional printer and well over a 1000 bucks worth of drums and toners, cheap.

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  1. joshuabward

    joshuabward I want to go FAST!!!

    Well the story goes like this my mother in-law bought all this stuff for a home printing business, used it for a while and now it is stored in my garage she told me to do whatever with it, so here it is.

    Okicolor 8 digital led printer for brochures pro printing bla bla bla, if you want this then I'm sure you know far more about it than I do.

    Piles of image drums and toners new in boxes I don't know exactly how much they are worth but she says it cost her about 2k for just the toners and drums. So to be safe with depriciation and what not, I think the package is probably worth over a grand but I don't want anywhere near that much see below.

    Any questions will be answered to the best of my ability but I don't know much more than the item name and quantity of the stuff.


    I mostly just want it out of my garage so make me an offer even an unreasonable one ;D I need my garage space!!!