OIL leak 8hp 4stroke seized

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by Jakeellington, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Was really excited to sea trial my river hawk with a 06 yamaha 8hp 4stroke. She started up and ran fine out the quarter mile no wake zone. went to open her up and as I was getting on plane i noticed oil spitting out the side and the oil light turned on and the low oil limiter turned on I turned around to limp home and saw that there was a little oil spurting out of the screw oil drain plug. then the motor shut off and oil started pouring out of the drain hole THE SCREW WAS LOOSE And fell out... tried to restart and the motor was seized!!!!! got a tow back to ramp came home replaced motor oil and screw but motor is still seized... I am sick i just bought this motor it only ran for maybe a minute after the oil leak was recognized.... I am also sick that my user error carelessness spilled oil into the water....really a crapped afternoon after months of work on this boat. Please help me un sieze this motor..
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    $hit happens... :(
    Now you get to deal with it.
    First, are you sure it's seized?
    Might be you left the motor in gear so the lockout is engaged.
    Make sure the engine is in neutral before pulling the starter cord.
    If the engine really is seized, you're gonna need an OEM shop manual
    and a pretty good selection of tools to do the job.
    Remove the powerhead and if you don't have the skills to do the rebuild,
    take the powerhead to your local marine outboard mechanic and let him get it done.

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    Remove the cowling and spark plugs. Try to turn the flywheel first in one direction and then the other. If it doesn't free up and move, try to see that the timing belt is okay. If it is broken the piston could be hitting a valve. You could take off the cylinder head to see the condition of the cylinder wall? If the piston is seized I would consider taking it to a shop. If the rings were hot enough they will have lost their tension and will need replaced.

    I hope you aren't going to have to go that far. Just be glad you only have one cylinder to repair. Also the smaller engines can take an awful lot of abuse and still be made right again.

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    Ooops ! I just noticed it is a twin 8 HP. It should still be repairable and may be okay.