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    The Off Topic section is a place for forum member to share information not appropriate for other sections. This section is like all other areas of the forum and should be considered a positive place to share information.

    Examples of good off topic threads are:

    - Computer Related Subjects
    - Towing Vehicles
    - Other Sports
    - Tasteful Jokes
    - Personal Achievements
    - Anything else generally positive that you wish to share with others on the forum

    Examples of topics that are not appropriate are subjects that may be offensive to people with different view points than your self such as:

    - Negative Politics
    - Hateful Racist, Sexist, Religious Material
    - Offensive Jokes
    - Images or videos that should not be viewed in front of minors. (Nothing worse than PG13)

    We appreciate your understanding. Admins and moderators of will do everything possible to foster an open atmosphere and a healthy sharing of ideas and information so long as its is done in a positive manner. Please keep in mind that the terms of the Forum User Registration Agreement also apply. We hope that you understand that these rules are to the benefit of the majority of members and the reputation of the site and its representatives.

    Thank you!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.