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    Over the years I've spent a lot of time on bikes, and traveled the southeast for races and recreational rides. I've always enjoyed getting out in the woods on a bike, and also how quickly and quietly you could cover ground on one. I've snuck up really close to everything from ruffed grouse to black bears on a bike, and always wanted one to use for turkey hunting in FL.

    The only trouble with covering ground on a mountain bike in south FL is the sand. It'll stop a normal bike in it's tracks. After about a year of searching I found a bike that was originally designed as a snow bike for the ididarod. It's built from scratch around 4" wide wheels, which are easily 2-3x wider than any other wheel you'll fit on a normal mountain bike. Everything on the bike is offset to one side to make room for the giant wheels and tires. The tires are designed to run at a low pressure (8-15psi) and they compress to about a 5" wide footprint and float over ANY sand you come across.

    I rigged it up specifically for turkey hunting last year with some parts I had cobbled away over the years, and thought some of you might enjoy seeing it as I'm sure other hunters here have faced similiar issues.



    I've got it set up with large baskets front and rear which looks kinda ghey at first glance, but enables me to carry a pretty boy/girl turkey decoy setup in one, and cheauffer a gobbler home in the other. As one would guess, no redneck bike would be complete without a gun rack on the handlebar  ;) so on one went (which I am in the process of tweaking a bit). And you gotta have a GPS mount on there to find your way back to the roosted birds of course.

    It's also set up to accept a pair of waterproof pannier bags that I'm still wondering the best way to camo up. There's easily enough room in them for my bug jacket and thermacell, raingear/jacket if need be, camera gear/small tripod, spare inner tube/patch kit and inflators for the bike (inner tubes for this thing are HUGE), a small tool kit and brush clippers, cable lock, etc. Basically anyting you want.


    Even through the gnarliest of terrain I can get the bike in a low gear and move along at 7-8 mph average speed, which is easily 3x faster than one could walk through the same conditions, even without any gear on their back. Fireroads or open terrain I can double that speed without too much effort.

    The only thing the bike won't go through well is deep water, but at that point you'd probably need a swamp buggy anyway.

    One neat feature is the front and rear wheels are interchangeable. Notice the gear cog on the hub of the front wheel. If you wind up ripping off your rear derailleur (shifter) in the middle of nowhere you can swap the wheels, shorten your chain and drive home in low gear.

    All in all it's a good compromise for a jacked up 4wd truck, won't get stuck in inaccessable places, and you don't have to pay for crappy 4wd gas mileage if you drive as much as I do for work. Fits in the back of my 2wd explorer and saves me from beating on it or sinking it in some remote sandhole and becoming vulture food.

  2. marshman

    marshman just try to follow me....i dare ya...

    i like it...what kind of brakes?? i dont see any...drums??

    the gunrack....being a bike, watch you dont go between 2 trees that are too close

    is that a special bike ground up?? or just a bike that you added bigger wheels and tires??

  3. marshman

    marshman just try to follow me....i dare ya...

    never mind...i see disc brakes after looking again...and after reading again you said it was built to be a snowbike...

    still watch the crossways shotgun, though...hope you got a good turkey gun with a short barrel... ::) ::) ::) ::)
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    That is one mean looking bike. I saw one something like that up in the panhandle - looked like it would go through anything. You know what they always say about bicycle - alot depends on the "motor"
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    That is by far the baddest bicycle i have ever seen! That would be perfect for fishing Buck Lake. Its a management area only accessible by bike or foot and great bassin'. You said its all custom made? i may have missed it, but who makes them? where?
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