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    Not that being totally confused is a new concept for me. But here goes. As you have all seen, I am adding a deck to my skiff. I am planning on coating the deck in fiberglass and vynlester resin and then using epoxy to attach it to the deck and gunwhales. As I understand it, epoxy resin will bond to the vynlester resin, but not the other way around. Is this correct? I am using the vynlester due to cost saving measures. It's going to be on a deck and short of a sinking, the deck will never see a lot of water other than pulling fish onboard, occasionally getting back in the boat from swimming and occasionally a rain storm or two. The boat will be stored indoors (garage). Am I on the right track? Or do I need to bite the bullet and get the epoxy at $100 +/- per gallon? Thanks.
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    looks like you are on the right track, I'd use all epoxy, but you can do it your way, make sure to prime and paint all exosed surfaces for even better protection.

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    In this situation I would use all epoxy as well. If the only project is the deck in your other post you will not need anywhere near a gallon of epoxy. The reaction of esters and wood are sometimes hit and miss. Sometimes it will last forever, somtimes it won't make a season.
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    I think you can get regular lamenating epoxy from uscomposites for less then $100

    It's not that vinylester won't stick to epoxy, it's just that some glues are better than others. Vinyl is not a good glue. Need at least 40 grit or lower sand paper marks before I'd trust it in a mechanical bond. And its more porous. Which makes it more prone to water intrusion.