Not able to shift into reverse - Yami 30hp 2 stroke tiller

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by h_10, Jan 23, 2012.

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    I have a 30 HP 2 stroke tiller engine. I used the boat on Sunday and had no issues w/ the reverse. However, on the way back to the ramp, I ran too shallow during a slow idle causing the motor to stop. I poled out of the shallow and started it and ran forward to the ramp w/ no problem.

    After flushing the motor, (it was off) I noticed that the lever would not go into revese. I couldn't push it back into reverse at all. No issues w/ forward and neutral. Somehow I thought to turn the prop. After turning the prop, the lever went into reverse. However I noticed that sometimes, the lever would go easily into reverse, other times it wouldn't at all unless I slightly turned the prop.

    I haven't had a chance to run this in water to see if I would have problems getting it into reverse while in use. What would cause this issue?

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    Most owners manuals have a note:

    Do not attempt to shift into gear unless the engine is running!

    If you do, the gears don't mesh and you can cause damage.


    By rotating the prop you are allowing the gears to mesh...but not recommended.

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    It's more than likely fine. It isn't uncommon for the motor not to shift without it running ( as the fly wheel spins the drive shaft also spins) which aligns the gears with the clutch dog. Crank her up and shift through the gears if it shifts then no worries.

    If you are really worried just change the lower unit oil and see if any metal is present. If no metal your okay.
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    Completely normal to have to rotate the prop to shift when it's not running.