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  1. redfish5

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    I am going to paint the inside of my river hawk with some sort of non skid paint. Has anyone had good luck with a particular paint? I am hoping to keep the weight to a minimum and something that is comfortable enough to still stand on barefoot. Thanks.
  2. Brett

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    I used InterDeck tan on my hull.
    After 3 years of use, it's still holding up.
    Very fine grit non-skid, roller application.
    Required a week of drying time.
    After a trip on the boat, soap and water takes care of cleanup.

  3. Gator_Bob

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    I used Sherwin Williams "Tile Clad". After first coat I laid down nylon window screening and put a second coat.
  4. chuckm310

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    Standard topside paint and add a handfull of sandbox sand to the container and mix throughly, works great.
  5. jms

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    really depends on how you want it to look:

    smooth,clean and easy to clean ? awlgrip,with grip tex

    cheap,flat,and tough to clean,use the interlux "inter deck" - it's a single part,kinda flat,and it's tough to keep clean...
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