No wood no rot?

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    Say for instance you have a transom with no wood construction. You have been experimenting with a jack plate and did not want to use 5200 or similar on the bolts for temporary use. Water has leaked from the outside of the transom into the boat on trial runs. With the transom having no wood, will this little bit of water have any long term adverse affects? Just wanted to make sure I was not opening a can of worms in the long haul. Thx!
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    if the transom's cored with a high density foam,.it will not absorb any water...
    it's still not an excuse for poor sealing techniques...

    composites will not rot - they're composite - not wood

    don't confuse "xl greenwood" with composites...

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    Definately seal it up properly.
    Foam doesnt rot like wood, but it does break down over time if exposed.
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    Use LifeSeal-works like 5200 but will not damage surface if you want to remove it later.