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NMEA power clarification and what are these other wires?

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Hey folks. Happy Thanksgiving.
I am working on installing the nmea network
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so I plan to add some bullet connections to the nmea power cable and connect them to the grey and back wires. I am getting under 12v of power but my understanding is that the nmea network only needs about 10.

curious what the blue and black wires are? Also any idea what these wires are coming off the harness?
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on the 2 at the far right I was getting 12v.
This is on a Suzuki 90
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It looks like the blue and black are labeled. Do you not have some sort of instructions for wiring this system up? I found some detailed instructions online for a client of mine but I can’t find them at the moment.
You should look for a wiring diagram for your specific outboard as well, that would be very helpful.
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