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New trolling motor decision

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I am considering adding a TM to my Maverick 17 HPX-V. After speaking with several very reputable installers, most suggest the 24v system which I agree is the safe way to go but to keep all batteries in console I would need to reduce the Reserve min to 80-90 [email protected] Amps for the battery sizes to work.
A 12v system would be the easiest install and I have not ruled that out as I could install one grp 29 battery and get 210 RC min’s
Here’s where I could use help.
Different conditions require different amounts of thrust so to provide a simple comparison, the 55# MK draws 50 amps at max which will burn through a RC 120 battery in one hour. If I go 24v, the MK 80# using 55 lbs of thrust uses 38.5 amps based on 56 max amp draw x 69% of max thrust. In other words, if my math is good, the 80# motor requires roughly 75% of the amps to achieve the same thrust as the 55# motor. I am using terrova numbers here.
When I read comments like “if you fish in wind and current then go 24v” doesn’t that simply translate to more thrust for longer?
It would be great if anyone with my skiff would respond and/or anyone who would set me straight on what I am missing in my analysis.
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A quick update and again many thanks to all who have contributed
Jay.bush, essentially you have what the dealers are recommending and while I would like to go with the 12v 55#, I feel like the 80# 24v will insure a one and done decision
Btw what is your house battery and how do you recharge? Stealth or otherwise?
As a battery and motor update for the groups benefit, I spoke with Odyssey and asked about the PC1100 which weighs 27# vs 1200 @ 38# and with more juice and they claim it is a result of a different plate design and it’s also constructed in the UK unlike the 1200.
A local guide who will demo his setup for me after the holidays runs the 70# MK 24v w/ pc1200’s and suggests that motor for its weight. I called MK and yes it’s 45 lbs vs 65 lbs for the terrova 80# Apparently the deployment device and components are the reason. Also to get I-pilot with jog feature almost at same $
I don’t plan to make final choice until after the demo but because of all the good feedback it’s great to know I have the option to go 24 or 12v and get all the juice in my console with agm’s.
If anyone is in the Chas SC area and has the 55# setup with I-pilot and would be willing to demo I will be happy to return the favor...

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and tight lines!
Lots of good stuff in this thread, maybe too much.

Forget about using a 12V 55# trolling motor on your 17 HPX-V. It's too weak for high current/wind situations, and your TM battery won't last 2 years because it gets drawn down >50% too much.

Go with the 24V 80# for the power and if you're going to use lead AGM batteries you should invest in a Stealth type charger to minimize the discharge of your TM batteries while you are on the water. Especially if you go with the smaller PC925's for size and weight. And you should because an HPX-V is very sensitive to weight in the bow. I ran PC1200's in the bow of my Super Skiff and they worked fine, although I think the Optima 34M Blue Tops that were in the bow of my Waterman 18 were better batteries for the same weight. But they are a little larger. Everybody I know that's running a Maverick puts their two TM batteries in the console, and their cranking battery in the bow. It's a PIA to wire, but gives the best balance for performance.

That self-deploy Ulterra will eventually screw you over if your TM voltage gets low or when that POS breaks. And that jog feature on the new ones is for fishing the bottom in open water. More of a bay boat thing

BTW since I switched to a 36V Lithium battery system in my new boat I don't use the Stealth charger I had in my Super Skiff any longer. Using the Stealth to recharge while on the water not only extends the battery life for that day on the water, but greatly extends the total life of your TM batteries by years.

It's still for sale.

I also have a couple PC1200's on a maintenance charger I'm not using I would sell for $150.
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