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Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by David_Estes, Mar 27, 2014.

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    I started hunting for a Flats\duck skiff and had no luck. did not want aluminum, looked at Carolina skiff one more time.( had a J14) but WOW the price has gone way up.  So Im building a from scratch.  So far so great starting to work on the deck layout and would like some input..  Wide gunnels aprox 8 inches wide BIG front and rear deck Tiller.
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    Lookin good, any more pics of the build.

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    Well sir you are the first person that I know of to build a full fledged motor boat from extruded polystyrene. I've seen a kara hummer and a Moth class sail boat but not anything like this before. I'll be watching this one closely. What do you expect for a lamination schedule?
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    Guys keep saying they are gonna try this. I am curious to see how it turns out. What size/type of motor are you building the boat to use?

  5. David_Estes

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    as of now i have 2 layers of 12 oz cloth and one layer of 16oz bias. the bulk heads and stringers are tabed for now, total weight as of now 53lbs. I and very suprised at how stiff this thing is.  the plan is to pour foam  the stringers and floor. should add some rigidness.   I did a test part 6"x24" 3 layers top and 5 bottom, i did not wrap the edges. suported my 200lbs and had to jump on it to break it, ;)

    The power plan is a short tail surface drive, perhaps in the 12-15 hp range. not a stump jumper but skinny water tail chaser.
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    Dave, I would like to discuss lamination and your build in detail if you can find the time. I'll PM you my cell #. I tried this with West System epoxy and the same exact foam you are using to build a hybrid yak/sup to flyfish off and had delam issues. I could peel the panels apart, not due to bonding issues, but because the panels would separate 1/8 in or so below the epoxy.