New to me issue:Remington missfire

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by oysterbreath, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. oysterbreath

    oysterbreath Well-Known Member

    I never knew that Rem 700s had this deadly issue. Very scary. I'm watching the documentary right now!
  2. The_Skiff_Shop

    The_Skiff_Shop Well-Known Member

    I think the "infomercial" even tells you this has been going on for about 60 years?

    Remington blames parts suppliers, parts suppliers blame the design. Kudos to Remington for rewriting the 10 commandments of safety to cover the "accidental misfire". Followed, it makes all firearms safer.

    I struggled with my decision on a 700 and ultimately ended with a Savage with the accutrigger. It's the best "out of the box" gun I have ever owned so far. Anybody I know with a Remington would either upgrade the trigger or have it professionally modified anyway. ;)

  3. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    If you visit Remington's site they try to duplicate the misfires with the actual firearms that alledgedly misfired without replication.

    Fact or fiction...
  4. Caretaker

    Caretaker Well-Known Member

    There may be some type of problem, but proper gun safety would prevent disaster.

    Always point a loaded firearm in a safe direction.

    If the gun misfires, don't look down the barrel! :D
  5. swampfox

    swampfox 01 Hells Bay Guide.07 ECC LOSTMEN-sold

    I watched that documentary a couple weeks ago. Remington should have thier ass kicked! :mad:
    Dozens of needless deaths and injury. Some poor lady had a gun miss fire and went thru the horse trailer and struck her son(10yr old?) on the otherside killing him. :'( She did nothing wrong as far as mishandling. They are able to duplicate it on film several times-even the marines dropped it because of constant issues.The sad part is the designer of the gun told them back in the 60s? it had a problem and even designed a fix. But it would cost a $1 a gun plus admitting that there is a problem. That would really cost them. I hope they get sued out of existence! :mad:
  6. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    I second the notion on the Savage mostly because of the accutrigger. The guns are dead-nuts accurate and sweet to shoot.

    And caretaker, just want to add one thing to your "Always point a loaded firearm in a safe direction" comment, and that is: There is no such thing as an unloaded firearm!!

    Combine those two statements and it's a perfect recipe!

  7. FSUfisher

    FSUfisher Well-Known Member

    Before we decide to go banish Remington to hell, let's just remember how many Model 700s are in existence (or have come out of the assembly line) and how many problems there have been. I saw the documentary as well and believe they did a poor job of putting things into perspective, as well as other shortcomings. Those types of shows generally tend to dramatize the story to sell the show anyways. Not to undermine the losses of those who have been accidentally killed in any way, but when the victim is dead it is also easy to blame a faulty trigger. I think we shouldn't be so quick to damn Remington for this.

    On a side note, anyone hear about the Savage Edge? Looks like a really cool project and gun.
  8. oysterbreath

    oysterbreath Well-Known Member

    I almost bought a 700 about 12 years ago when I was living up in Ohio.

    Well, over sensationalized or not. MILITARY test clearly show that there is an issue with the trigger group. They even show part of the footage in the video.

    Now I'm one of those people who will give an American company a "pass" on many issues simply because they keep production here at home but I do fault Rem for not "biting the bullet" and implementing those simple 5 cent changes when the issue was brought to light way back in the day.
    They get the "Ford Pinto fuel tank filler" award for that one!

    Now, back to the owners whom have had issue. I agree! Even if the fire arm did "mis fire" they were being sloppy for having the gun pointed in the wrong direction in the first place. I'm sad for their loss but it's plain and simple. To be honest, I know FAR more people with BAD firearms habits than I know those with good. Heck, that's one of the reasons I DON'T hunt much. Infact I gave up fire arms hunting completely. I've been tempted lately due to the hog population here in Florida but I haven't done it yet. I'll stick to my bow for now. I just have to figure out the non fire arm seasons. lol

    Also, Although I do mod most of the fire arms I've owned I do notice that those who only do "Cosmetic/Cool/Sci-fi" mods tend to be the type that mishandle fire arms the most. Anyone else notice this?
    It's the dude with a picatiny rail, collapsible stock, Sure fire light, TL-2 laser, and carbon fiber frame on his Mini-30 that scares me! lol
  9. FSUfisher

    FSUfisher Well-Known Member

    Good points Oyster.

    How do you like your Mini-30? I'm jonesing for a new Mini-14 in .223 caliber for an all-around light duty rifle. I've heard these redesigned Minis are very accurate.
  10. Yoreese

    Yoreese I Love!

    I have almost purchased a model 700 on a few occasions. I just happened across the CNBC program and thought it was more of an anti-gun show as NBC is generally very liberal in it's views. With the hundreds of thousands of rifles Remington has produced over the years it makes you think that it may just be a case of owner negligence.
  11. tom_in_orl

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    Thank you for sharing. Very interesting.