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I’ve found a wealth of information viewing this forum and pleased to be a part of it now.
The Texas coast is my home ground although I travel the gulf states and east coast Florida regularly to fish.
I was the builder of The Cudacraft 17 in Rockport for several years and have owned many poling skiffs over the years. Boat building, rigging, and fly fishing salt has been my life. During my boat building years (late 80’s) I also guided fly fishing in the Rockport, Tx area along with a couple of other “Texas Pioneers” in the fly fishing arena back in the day.
Currently running a 2018 BT Mosquito w/60 Zuke.
Hoping to learn as well as share my knowledge by membership in this forum.
Tight lines!
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Welcome. Look forward to your posts. Fellow Mosquito owner and retired guide here along Florida's somewhat Forgotten Coast.
Well, I see I already had a typo.....2019 Mosquito not 2018.
Zika, if you are where I think you are, you are a fortunate fisherman!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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