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New Smyrna Beach Cobia Report

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Well- time has come and the weather is cooperating (for the most part)! Fins n' Tails - Fishing Charters of New Smyrna Beach has been spotting some rays off the beaches of New Smyrna, Ponce Inlet and Daytona over the past couple weeks. Captain Matt Hodges(me) can be booked for your fishing adventure. Using the Islamorada Boatworks 24 Morada has been a pleasure not just for me, but for my guest (clients) as well. We have been having fun with the Spinner Sharks, Blacktip Sharks, medium sized Jacks (20lb class) and of course the Cobia's. For 2 years the Cobia have given us the snake eye and not shown up. I'm not saying that they are here in abundance numbers, but they are out there. You just have to be patient and keep your eye's peeled! While searching for the Cobia, we are coming across the free swimming Triple Tails and taking home some tasty dinner fare meat! yum!!! Hammerhead Sharks are cruising the waters and the Cobia have been spotted cruising with them as well. So if you see a shark fin, it most likely is a Hammerhead. Throw your jigs beyond the sharks and have it retrieved behind them about 10-15' deep. That is where the hookups on them will occur. If you are out before the sun gets up, head out a little further to the 60'-70' of water and look for structure on your sonar! Grouper season is here and there are plenty to be caught. Go catch some Grouper and Snapper off of a small structure, Once the sun is up and its' past 11:00, head to the 40'-60' water column and start looking for the Rays. Huge Manta Rays are here and there. I'm talking 15'+ Manta Rays! Yes- that big. My boat is 24' and I came across one last week that looked as wide as the boat is long! Huge! And Yes- There were Cobia all over that ray. While I'm not going to give my lure of choice, I will hint, that not a heavy jig may be best. Keep the bait/lure higher in the water, no deeper than 10'. Preferably around 5' below the surface... Message me to or look me up on my web site to book a charter...
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