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New Sportsman’s Limited Edition! Tohatsu’s new 20hp Sportsman’s Edition camouflage outboard motor has arrived! Designed with Mossy Oak’s world famous Duck Blind® camouflage pattern, this motor is designed for the avid hunting and sporting enthusiast.

The specially designed Sportsman's Edition camouflage model is coated with a unique paint dipping process that bonds the design to the is not just a decal.

Mossy Oak’s Duck Blind® base background includes true dirt colors with different tones to represent wet & dry ground with added elements of millet, wild oats, corn stalks, common reeds, Johnson grass, soybeans and native grasses.

The intricately designed pattern has muted shades of brown, tan, gray and soft black with shadows to enhance depth and create a 3-D effect. All of these elements, combined with the "Autumn brown" lower unit and brackets, work well for blending into virtually any waterfowl environment.

A powerful and reliable engine, Tohatsu’s new Sportsman’s Edition camouflage 20hp, is sure to meet all of your hunting and sporting goals.

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