New Products from Bob's Machine Shop: Small Jackplates That Convert From Manual to Hydraulic

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    Bob's Machine Shop has combined two of its popular jackplates, Versa Jacs and Mini Jacs, into one. The new Mini Versajacs are manually operated jackplates for small outboards that easily upgrade to hydraulic operation in the future.

    Mini Versajacs are the first upgradeable small jackplates offered to the boating industry. They are constructed of high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum and have the same look as Bob's line of full-size hydraulic models. The jacks come in three models, all with a 6" setback. They are adjustable on the water with only a ratchet and socket.

    The standard model has 7-1/2" of lift and is rated for up to 50 hp motors with the standard BIA bolt pattern. The Narrow Mini Versa model provides 7-1/2" of lift for motors up to 40 hp with clamp-on mounting. Weighing only 18 pounds is the Ultra Mini Versajac with 4" of lift for up to 40-hp clamp-on motors. It is also available in a camouflage wrap for waterfowl hunters.

    When it's time to upgrade from manual to hydraulic operation, conversion is simple. First, remove the manual screw assembly using a few basic hand tools. Then install the new hydraulic cylinder from the Mini Versa Upgrade Kit. Finally, mount the hydraulic pump and install the wiring harness.

    High-performance boaters use jackplates for more speed, better fuel economy and improved boat handling. Jacks are also popular among fishermen and pleasureboaters who operate in shallow water.

    Mini Versajacs carry a limited lifetime warranty against structural defects. Pricing starts at $299.95 for the Ultra Mini model.

    Contact Bob's Machine Shop at: BMS International, 4314 Raleigh St., Tampa, FL 33619. Phone: 813-247-7040; Fax: 813-247-7041;;