new one for the boat ramp behavior

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Capnredfish, May 20, 2014.

  1. Capnredfish

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    Packed parking lot this weekend. 3 boats including mine backed down unloading and another guy pulls up and decides to park in the last spot open near the ramp. Waits for us to go park our vehicles then backs out to drop his boat and get that close spot back. I do not own the spot but it appeared to be a dick head move. Oakhill.
  2. fishicaltherapist

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    They are EVERYWHERE!! It's like a..holes that drive around a parking lot for 30 minutes at the mall to get a spot that's CLOSE, then walk for friggin' hours inside!! Guess they feel better.....somehow.

  3. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Haha if that's the worst you've seen, your head will explode if you come down to palmbeach-miami.
    I've had random people jump in my boat
  4. anytide

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    we call them chum..... :)
  5. Capt. Eli Whidden

    Capt. Eli Whidden Sight Fishing South Florida

    If possible, always try to educate these idiots. If we all did this all the time we might be a ble to make a small dent in there heads. I know it's tuff. But as much time i spend on the water it's worth the trouble.

    If not, bring the fam down with sodas and popcorn for the show. Turkey point is a great place to start.
  6. shiprock8

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    That wouldn't even make 'honorable mention' at our ramps. ::)
  7. Capnredfish

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    I agree it is not the stupid crap you see generally, but it makes the ahole list in my opinion. Now for a new one. I went to check out the new ramp in New Smyrna yesterday evening and watched a sponsored center console try and load onto the trailer. Not kidding, no less that 5 minutes, full throttle twin 250's with one person on the trailer trying to hook it and one in the truck working position of truck/trailer. That is someone with no business behind the wheel. You wonder how some people get lucky and make a few bucks being completely stupid.
  8. Alex4188

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    Saw a guy (in front of me in the no wake zone) getting REAL close to the markers as he passed by them. I thought several times he was going to hit. We all get back to the ramp about 5 miles away where he ties off and leans against the side of the boat for a few minutes, he then sits on it, swings his legs over the side on to the floating dock. He kneels down slowly, then lays down on his back. I walked by him to see if he was ok but could smell the beer from 10' away. Thought about nudging him off the dock but my life for his was clearly not an even trade. As I backed my trailer down the ramp the Marine Patrol guys were standing over him nudging him with their foot. Finally a cop when you need one! Didn't stick around to watch- had more important things to do like load quickly and not tying up the ramp space.
  9. Skinny_waters886

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    There everywhere near me during scalloping season it's ridicoulos in the parking lots. I never say anything cause I don't want my truck trashed when I get back.. I've seen slashed tires busted windows you name it
  10. Glennusf

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    Saw the scalloping cleaning girls get into a fist fight as McRaes last season.
  11. 'Nano-Skiff'

    'Nano-Skiff' It's not the size of the boat....

    Thats a new one.