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Been lurking for a bit,,, decided it was finally time to join in some discussions.

As my user name implies, pike (particularly fly fishing for pike) are a favorite species of mine up here in Alberta,,,, but that is rather short lived season up here in the great white north, so I need to get in my flyfishing winter fix by spending 6 - 8 week each winter in the Bahamas fly fishing for bones!!!

I really like paddle boarding the flats. In past years I have been using inflatable boards but last winter, however, one of the boards blew up!!! Since the inflatables are hard to paddle, do not track well and create a lot of hull slap, I decided to replace the boards with two recently purchased L2 Fish SUPS and had them shipped to our favorite out island. In two weeks, I get to join my L2 Fish SUPS for a ten day fishing trip to work out any kinks and bugs before we return for our annual Feb to March stay.

Anyways, a few fly fishing SUP searches on Microskiff leaned me towards the L2 fish SUPS!!!!


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