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New to the forum! I just purchased a Takacat Discovery 330 inflatable catamaran from New Zealand. It’s almost 11’ weights in at 90 lbs.

I’ve mounted a Vance microjack plate on the back to adjust the height of the motor. 7” setback, 5” verticals adjustment. Wanted to get the cavitation plate to the top of the water.

Powered by a 2008 Mercury 20 HP 4 stroke outboard. The motor had a Solas Saturn Stainleas prop. 9.25 x 12
It’s to much pitch for the motor. The propeller is ventilating aweful when trying to plane out. Also have a Permatrim hydrofoil that I installed.

I need to find the best prop for this boat motor setup. Powertech seems to be the only company to cater to a Mercury 20 HP 14 spline. I would like to get 30MPH from the motor, Jack plate and high performance hull. I’ve came to the conclusion that I need a double cupped prop to hold on to the water longer. Can only afford one prop right now. Should I get a 3 blade or 4 blade prop for running shallow with lots of turbulence?

Thanks for the help!


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