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New GPS advice - considering Simrad

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Hey all - I currently have a Garmin 546 on my skiff and have used Homeport to make waypoints, tracks, etc, but Garmin dropped support for Homeport on the Mac. I am not sure any replacement I find will also have Mac support, but I can always run a virtual machine for PC if needed.

But, my Garmin only supports basic maps. Ideally, I would like to have Google earth quality maps with more options, like contour reveal.

I don't need a fish finder or weather module on it, it is simply for mapping, navigation and scouting locations.

The Simrad Go7 looks pretty slick. But I am not sure about their mapping software, or if I should buy mapping from another company - so recommendations here are appreciated.

And one concern I had seems to be resolved - looks like you can import a Garmin file directly into the Simrad, which is awesome since I have years of data in Garmin:

Any tips are appreciated!
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Simrad is the way to go. But as I tell people, I strongly suggest the NSS Evo series. The rotary dial is way better for making changes while underway. The touch screen only is hard to use when you are running 30 and bouncing in a chop.

As to the mapping software the best thing to do is to go to someplace that has units on display (or look at other boat owners units) and look at the various chart options available for your area. Just because software ABC is really good for one place doesn't mean it will be equally good for your area.
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