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New GPS advice - considering Simrad

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Hey all - I currently have a Garmin 546 on my skiff and have used Homeport to make waypoints, tracks, etc, but Garmin dropped support for Homeport on the Mac. I am not sure any replacement I find will also have Mac support, but I can always run a virtual machine for PC if needed.

But, my Garmin only supports basic maps. Ideally, I would like to have Google earth quality maps with more options, like contour reveal.

I don't need a fish finder or weather module on it, it is simply for mapping, navigation and scouting locations.

The Simrad Go7 looks pretty slick. But I am not sure about their mapping software, or if I should buy mapping from another company - so recommendations here are appreciated.

And one concern I had seems to be resolved - looks like you can import a Garmin file directly into the Simrad, which is awesome since I have years of data in Garmin:

Any tips are appreciated!
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I had the Go7 and hated the touch only option. Whenever running in rough water and/or wet conditions, it was very difficult to use.
For my new skiff I just picked up a used Lowrance HDS gen 3 for a much better deal than I could find the comparable Simrad Evo 3 for. Basically the same product but with zoom buttons vs the zoom knob
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