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New from SC

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Good afternoon!
New guy here from SC. I joined as I enjoy working on boats almost as much as fishing. I grew up on Tampa Bay and have been in SC for about a decade now. On the rare occasion I'm not on the water I'm usually in the woods hunting.

While I fish out of a flats boat that doesn't quite fit the bill as a micro (prosports 1800) I have done a ton of work on it so far and plan to cut the deck off and modify a few things on it this February, where I am sure to lean on this group for additional knowledge.
I will try to get some pictures of the restore so far once I figure out how to upload them on here.
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Welcome, I live in Charleston and lived in Tampa for 3 years. Met my wife there and brought her back to SC. Where are you in SC?
Thank you! I grew up in St. Pete and am now out of the Charleston area.
And as it sits now.
Along the way there was a full rewire, lots of gel coat chip/scratch repair, buffing, sanding. New trim tabs, new radio, new trailer, new push pole and much more I am forgetting.
These are from when I had first finished round one and have since added a new trolling motor and power pole.
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