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New Fly BoatWorks Inboard Jet

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Anyone seen this in action yet? Something that’s has been discussed and applied to river running jon boats for years. But nobody has made such a serious attempt in a flats skiff till now. Definitely not a backcountry setup. But Morejohn made some good points about it being a serious tarpon skiff. I bet it handles like on rails. And from what little i have seen and heard it does. And hauls ass to boot with a Rotax 300hp rotary and a 6” draft. Holeshot 0-30 in two seconds and top speed of 60 mph per Fly.

The only real drawback would not being able to run skinny. And sucking sand/shells. Maybe pump longevity issues as well. But all speculation at this point.

What do you guys think? Anyone ready for a jet ski😂
All pics snagged from Morejohn’s IG post. But apparently they have built three complete skiffs already.
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Not sure why the comments around "not running skinning"?
Maybe because it’s stated by the designer that it would be an issue?
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That is NOT what was written.
“Not an issue if you don’t fish the grass.”

We all fish the grass, issue.
No turtle grass up here.
All grass.

Glad you agree there’s an issue.
Cool to see something new being tried in the skiff market but I don't see a use case for it in south Florida. Maybe it's a Texas boat?
Tarpon tournaments and dolphin safaris, maybe sprinkle in a parasail here and there.
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I don’t think anyone runs in the reed grass. Other than reed grass, no grass up here. No issue.
Especially the reed grass.
Be interesting to see somebody watch it poling a flat, with no motor on the back, then fire up leaving a shoot a ro
Even more interesting after it sputters to a stop after running through a sargassum patch.
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The reed grass grows in water way to shallow for that boat. Moreover, as tough as it is, and as hard as it is anchored, no jet would suck it up.
Oh, there will be suckage!
Video or it didn’t happen, and in the video I will need a clear picture of today’s Tampa Bay Times.
There is nothing wrong with having a discussion, that is what this forum is for BUT douchebags like tailing permit always have to act like fools and post a bunch of hateful garbage. Maybe sit back and let the dudes that are putting in work real time do what they do and see where it goes. I think it’s an interesting and intriguing boat. Flame away, I can handle it.
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I love this design and everything @Chris Morejohn Think about running from Marathon to the Marquesas in half the time other people in the tournament are doing it. You're the first person on that permit flat. Just cause it's not for everyone doesn't mean this boat sucks. It's a great boat for the person it was built for.
Done it, there’s no 18 foot skiff that’s going to run that WOT unless the conditions are absolutely perfect.
I can’t wait to run it, it’s supposed to be here when we shoot video on my new Fly industries
I didn’t know they were still in business, haven’t made a social media post in seven years.
Who are you? You came on here talking shit like you’ve been here forever.
I’m the Lizard King.
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I feel like I've missed something obvious but I can't really see why a skiff that will hit 60 is considered a game-changer as a tournament skiff? If you're expecting to leave the Lorelei in a 60mph skiff and "pull away from the competition" you're going to be in for a surprise.
Because they think it will do 90.

A 21 100% carbon with a 300R will be faster and handle better. Those tournaments aren’t about technical poling.
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I forgot that social media posting proves you can build boats.
it’s part of running a business. you know, marketing your product?

even their website hasn’t been updated since 2017.
The tournament tarpon guys will have their speed feelings hurt with this engine platform. Maybe half the weight of a 300r and more than triple the power potential. Sure it comes at the cost of fuel consumption but at least adding extra fuel can be strategically placed as opposed to hanging more weight on the back. Video for fun......
triple the power potential?!
21’ might as well be a bay boat.
hull weighs less than a 17 HPX.
For comparisons on Outbouard/Sternleg/Jet this article offers some expert opinion with some figures.

Boat Engine Comparison Outboard, sterndrive and jet drive go head-to-head. Which wins?
great post, was curious about that!
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