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NEW East Cape Skiff Dealer!

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Good Morning Everyone,

My name Is Marc Malacaso I am with Southeast Marine Sales and Service. We are located about 3 miles from East Cape Skiffs Factory. We are now the East Cape Skiffs Dealer. On Property we have 2 Glides and 1 Vantage.

The way we bring in our boats from East Cape is very unique. We know that East Cape Skiffs (ECS) are a custom boat builder, and we would like to keep ECS that way. All 3 of the boats we have on property are just Hull, Poling Platform and Trailer. For the Vantage the Center Console is included as well. You have the option to add whichever engine you would like and options. The boat is then rigged at ECS within 2 weeks.

We are the only Dealership World Wide that has created this relationship with ECS and we are super excited to be working with them.

We also work with about 7 different lenders for anyone who is looking for financing for these beautiful skiffs!

If you would like more information on any of these skiffs please feel free!

Video With East Cape

More Info On East Cape Skiffs:
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