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New DSLR - Need Help! ASAP!

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I decided to sell my D3000 and picked up the D3100.
Now, the pictures I take look like
I do the same things I did with the D3000, yet these pictures look like if I was shooting poorly in auto, when in fact I shot Manual.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm tempted to pick up another D3000 body.

Although I love how the night time pictures come out.

Anything out in the light the pictures look shitty.
Ive been told to use flash to fill in the shadows. But when I do, it looks way too bright and burned.
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I am by no means an expert in this world, but do have some experience. From the first pic, I do not believe flash would help, object is too far away and sun is very high. The last 2 would help with flash. Are you shooting in RAW? This would allow to change the exposure. I'm a Canon guy, but I always use the histogram to judge how my photos are turning out. When I view the photo on the display I make sure that the histogram is shown along side the photo, then make changes based on the histogram. Google histogram. Also try stepping down the exposure when using flash outdoors. I also use a high quality lens with a hood for outdoor shooting. Love the black, looks good on your boat.
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