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New Beavertail Lighting

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Got a Beavertail Lighting in November, home waters are Venice LA. Tournament fish redfish and trying to get into fly fishing. Still trying to prop boat right and looking for advice on the right push pole to purchase for my boat. Look forward to providing and gathering advice from all
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Hey, welcome to the BT family !! Jack Foreman for prop help or call Eric at BT. Maybe a 24' PP for that Lightning. Best of luck to you!!!
Thanks @fishicaltherapist its a hell of a sled. I worked with Eric, not sure who Jack Foreman is? I’ve run a 24 and 25 4 blade, boat handles like a dream with these but hard to get top RPM...think I’m gonna try a 21 or 22 to see if I can get more speed but not if it affects the handling too much, not worth the extra 5-10mph
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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