"New" 79 Evinrude 6hp first test.

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by zeneb, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. zeneb

    zeneb River Hawk 15'4" 15HP Evinrude / 15 HP Merc

    I picked up the old Johnson 4 horse and my gas tank today and was able to test the Evinrude 6 HP that I picked up last week.  See post in General section.  I purchased a new fuel line because I wasn't getting a good seal with the old one. 

    I wasn't able to get it started for a long time and finally figured out that it wasn't getting gas to the carb.  My neighbor and I messed with it, pumping hard on the ball until a 'pop' and we were able to get fuel through the system.  After that it cranked up nicely and purred like a kitten.  I revved it up, idled it it was like it hadn't sat for 7 years.  It even peed out water pretty good.  After I ran it for a few minutes, I shut it down and put it away. 

    Remembering that the original owner would run it out of gas, I decided to take it back out and do the same.  First I tried just starting it without the line attached, figuring there was enough gas in the line to start it.  It wouldn't start so I attached the line again.  Again, I got the 'stuck' feeling when I pumped the line.  I tested the fuel line down to the carb. I was able to pump the line and get free flowing gas all the way there. I took a small piece of tube,attached it where the fuel line goes into the carb, and tried to blow into the carb to see if I could blow into it. I got nothing. I tried to suck on the tube with nothing also. I almost pulled the carb out, but it looks like I have to remove the pull cord assembly to get to one of the bolts, and that was more of a project than I wanted to start at almost 9:00

    Have any of you seen this before?  It's running very nice and  I hope it is just a minor clog easily dealt with.  I'd love nothing more than to have this thing up and running for the cost of a couple of new plugs and an impeller.


    Video of the motor running

  2. zeneb

    zeneb River Hawk 15'4" 15HP Evinrude / 15 HP Merc

    Figured out the issue on the motor.  It was just flooded out because I put it on it's side after I ran it and the gas in the carbs flooded the engine.  So, I'll be running it out of gas each time I use it.

    I've also got everything changed out.  I changed the old points style plugs with new properly gapped plugs.  I've changed the impeller... Man was that a job.  I had the motor in reverse to getting to the little screw that holds the shifter was a nightmare.  I'll give it one more test run today and if it runs, shifts, and pees, I'm hitting the water.


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