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    (I didn't write the description fyi...) also on search for Weiss in Jupiter. Let me know if you're applying just so I know. I'm the security admin.

    Technical Functions
    Active Directory administration ~ LDAP - Linux/Windows administration ~ Orion – Solar Winds monitoring ~ Virtualization technology (VMware, Virtual Iron, HyperV) ~ .NET application environment administration ~ Apache Server ~ Windows Server 2003/2008 ~ IIS 6/7 ~ Backup and disaster recovery procedures ~ Intrusion detection/prevention systems, vulnerability and exploit assessment ~ Encryption technology ~ Firewall, virus protection ~ Juniper/Cisco/Dell network equipment (switches, routers, multiplexors, wireless access points) ~ Metro-Ethernet ~ Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 ~ Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 ~ Microsoft Sharepoint ~ Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, MySQL ~ Microsoft Project Server 2007 and Project Professional 2007 ~ Networking routing protocols/technology (TCP/IP, VPN, IPSEC, SSL, VLAN, DSN, WINS, DHSP, SMTP, FTP) ~ Availability/redundancy, server load balancing/clustering ~ Data storage technology (RAID, NAS, SAN, SATA) ~ VoIP, SIP

    *Serves as a network administrator and advisor for all technical initiatives
    *Responsible for hardware acquisition, configuration, and monitoring
    *Primary server administration responsibilities of 50+ servers ensuring that each server has 100% uptime, upgrades, and failover
    *Troubleshoots problems with networks, web services, mail services and all other server systems
    *Monitor system logs and activity on all servers and devices
    *Maintains a superior knowledge of all aspects of the IT Technical Services responsibilities, including, but not limited to, LAN, WAN, server technology, desktop technology, service continuity and disaster recovery, network performance
    *Participates with Director and senior management in the development of IT direction and strategy
    *Responsible for leading and providing guidance to strategic Technical Services initiatives *Provides direction and guidance to other team members
    *Identifies and delegates network administration tasks to other team members
    *Conducts needs analysis, technology evaluation and selection, development, implementation and post implementation support.
    *Provides regular status updates to IT management
    *Acts as a key contact with technology vendors
    *Recommends direction for Company hardware, system software and infrastructure technology.
    *Maintains a sound understanding of the Microsoft open systems operating software, including Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, Exchange Server 2003, Commerce Server 2002 and SQL Server 2005.
    *Participates in systems development activities to identify and recommend appropriate technical solutions.
    *Research new technology and make recommendation on effective use.
    *Conduct proof of concept/feasibility studies for various upgrade projects,improvements and other conversions. Proven ability to work with diverse teams and interface with multiple organizations to address technical initiatives.

    Functional Responsibilities
    *24/7 availability
    *Ability to respond quickly to change
    *Ability to operate logically and methodically in crisis situations
    *Project management skills; ability to handle multiple projects/assignments concurrently
    *Self-motivated, fast learner
    *Strong commitment to service levels and delivery
    *Strong communications skills; ability to communicate complex technology in business terms 
    *Strong customer service orientation
    *Team player

    Professional Responsibilities
    *Manages time to ensure delivery on schedule, within budget.
    *Demonstrated commitment to quality and team approach.
    *Consistently displays sound judgment based on reliable information.
    *Consistently anticipates issues before they become problems.
    *Listens effectively and follows through appropriately.
    *Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills.
    *5+ years experience working as a Network Administrator
    *Data Center management experience (floor space, rack space, power, cooling, cabling, etc.) *Help Desk experience
    *Technical certification (CCNP, MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, RHCE)
    *4 year degree, advanced degree desirable.
    *Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
    *Strong working knowledge of Microsoft/Intel open systems environment and architectures and software
    *Ability to multi-task, working on multiple initiatives simultaneously
    *Ability to address all aspects of technical support activities independently
    *Superior interpersonal skills; able to gain the respect of and inspire confidence, respect, enthusiasm, and cooperation with colleagues
    *Self-directed professional who focuses on exceeding client expectations,and who thrives in an environment that favors cooperation over competition and rigid hierarchies
    *Ability to work cross-functionally
    *Demonstrated sense of urgency; strong commitment to timely project delivery
    *Ability to manage time effectively
    *Exceptional knowledge of service and application delivery.
    *Hands-on knowledge of network and desktop operating systems.
    *Experience troubleshooting hardware/software issues.
    *Proven analytical and problem solving ability.
    *Strong customer service orientation
    *On-call availability during non-business hours.
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    Dang, when would one find time to surf the net?

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    When I read it I thought that they needed 3-4 people. ::)
  4. beyondhelp

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    Hey, I just work there. Description aside it is an ok place to work. I haven't gotten hassled too much for surfing here. Like any other it job the director wrote the description without consulting the rest of the admins. Besides, LDAP admin? DSN DHSP? (I think it's supposed to be DNS and DHCP) Yeah the director is a bit of a goofball but he's tolerable.
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    Some (most?) days it's like Scott Adams is spying on us for material.
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    If this is the right company then I like the auto detailing perk. I wonder if they would detail my boat if it happened to be attached that day. ;D

    Benefits — Weiss Group believes that we are only as good as the company we keep.

    As an employee, you will receive:

        * Health Insurance
        * Dental Insurance
        * Prescription Plan
        * Life/AD&D Insurance
        * Supplemental Life Insurance
        * Long & Short-Term Disability
        * Maternity Leave
        * 125 Cafeteria Plan
        * 401k
        * Employee Assistance Program
        * Paid Holidays
        * Paid Time Off
        * Day care
        * Fitness Facility
        * Cafeteria
        * Dry Cleaning Facility
        * Auto Detailing Service
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    Yep, that's us. Too bad the dry cleaning people stopped coming by a couple of years ago. The auto detail guy is here regularly but it's on your dime. The cafeteria just got a new manager so the food is good. I ended a year long boycott of the cafe when he arrived. Jambalaya with crawfish, shrimp and andouille sausage is a weakness. We're out in the sticks so it's like 17 miles to Publix, they do what they can to make it habitable out this way.
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    How bout able to leap tall buildings in a single bound....
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    Well I guess they found someone. This should be interesting.
  11. tom_in_orl

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    But the question is....does he fish? ;D
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    BeyondHelp, does your company need the assistance of a recruiting firm. I work for a company specializing in IT Staffing.
  13. beyondhelp

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    I know they already work with someone. But, as an IT person (CISSP/Security admin) it doesn't hurt to have contacts. Send me your info via private message. I'll pass it on as well as keep it handy in case I run into someone looking.