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    Im 19 and almost done with my AA now and still have NO clue what I wanna do. Im hoping some of you more "experienced"  ;D guys could throw me some pointers as to whats good out there. I love the water, fishing, quick learner, all that good stuff just have no clue what I want to continue my education in. Any help or pointers would be great!  :cool: Im sort of leaning towards real estate (probably commercial) as pretty much my entire family is in residential real estate. Just wish there was something else available that would be more interesting to me.

    Matt Chandler
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    Wish we could get Scurtis to go to those meetings. ;) Admitting a problem is the first step but IMHO your hang'n with the wrong crowd here and you will fall off the wagon. ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Take jobs that you think are interesting. Working at a job that is boring to you now won't get any better IMHO.

    I've been around the block and still don't know what I want to do if I grow up. Don't really care for the line of work I do but it's not boring and I'm good at it.

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    Don't ask me I don't like what I do...but I have never been out of work.
    I would get hold of apllobeachsam what ever he did is what i want to be when I grow up.
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    When i graduted from ucf in 2005 they had just finalized they're real estate degree under finance. I took all the classes and they were great. I wanted to do commercial real estate but its hard you can plan on only doing a handful of deals and thats if your good. But I would purse and finish the last 2 yrs and plan on getting your mba. UF has a masters in real estate but it pretty expensive, most the stuff they teach you can get in undergrad but they do an emphises on commercial. My degree is in corp. finance, minor in real estate and i'm going to school for my MBA and masters in finance and then on to my cpa and cfa license. after that i hoping to get in to finance within the fishing/boating industry. besides that keep going to school and try to get as much experience as you can. try to do some internships so you can actually see what the jobs entail, most job descriptions are very misleading. hope this helps