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    I am getting out of the military in November of this year and looking for some answers before I get out. I have applied for a Border Patrol position but they are saying that it might take up to 2 years to even get a call for a job opening. I have also considered a LE job but know nothing about it. Just trying to figure out what the hiring process is like and if they are even hiring right now. Also, I would like to know how you like the job. What are the chances of getting into a special unit like swat? How do you become State Trooper? Whats the pay like and the benefits? What a day to day routine and hours? Any information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. If you do not want to post on here email me at Thanks for your help.

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    Wow, lots of questions. What branch and job did you have with the Military. All LE jobs are a hit or miss right now. I have 3 years experience in Corrections with the SO and put myself through school and I'm almost up on my 4 years of certification w/o getting hired somewhere. But I want to stay local, if you are willing to relocate you should fare much better.

    School cost about $1300 and depending on if you take day classes or 4hr nights it can take 4 to 10 months to get cetified. Certification is good for 4 years. Hours depend on what department you get hired on to, and what job you are assigned. Smaller departments are still running 4 10hr shifts per week, while larger departments have switched to 12hr shifts. Pay also varies based on location. In a bigger city you can expect pay around 43k, where a smaller county you might see down around 34k. Benefits are taken care of because it is a high liability position, aka they expect you to get hurt. Special Units take additional training and certifications after you get hired. Expect 2 years for a department change like detective or special teams and 4 years for SWAT. State Troopers are always hiring, like FWC. Some pay for your training but you have to relocate to Tally for a couple months.

    There is no day to day routine unless you work Corrections. It's a VERY high stress job because everyone that you meet wants you dead, and never thanks you. The going joke is that you get 3 things when you start a LE job. A new truck, a gun, and a divorce. They are not joking. High rate of divorce and stress related heart conditions. BUT it's loads of fun, and if you have a good sense of humor and stress relief system it's perfect. Do a couple ride alongs and see if it fits. It's not always car chases and gun fights, sometimes it's a fat crazy chick wearing a tube top with half her junk hanging out thinking someone is out to kill her.

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    Thanks for all the info. Sorry again for all the questions. I was always told that if you dont ask you will never know. I will have to contact someone to see if I can schedule a ride along.
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    They offer the FWC academy here in Miami Dade so no longer must go to Tally for academy.
    My friend has been trying to get hired for over a year now with any local police agency and hasn't been able to.

    My cousin has been a Miami Dade Police officer for years and he's been trying to get into a task force and hasn't been able to yet.
    He's now trying to become a K9.

    Although my other cousin is in a Miami Dade FBI joint task force.
    He's also a Broward County Sheriff officer.
    But he's probably been in the force for almost 20 years.
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    Great job, good benifits, if you are a white male that does not speak another language it is hard to get hired right now.

    Do not go to FHP unless you want everyone to hate you and you to hate everyone back. FHP gets paid crap and the do a crap job (in the orlando area anyway). Everyone hates somone who writes tickets all day :) but if you need a job bad enough it might be something to consider.

    Hiring process will take around a year, some smaller departments are faster sometimes.

    I would apply at a lot of departments and whoever hires you first wins. It will be easier to get hired especially by smaller departments if you have already paid for yourself to go to the police academy. Some of the larger departments might hire you and pay for your way to go to the police academy.

    I would do at least one ride along to see what the job is all about first so you can see if you like it or not.

    Good luck.