Need Help With MitchCraft Transom Replacement... Unique transom design

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by mjw88, May 26, 2013.

  1. mjw88

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    hey guys, well i spent the past 4 months buying parts and paint,exc to get this boat back to new. and pulled the motor off today to see how bad the transom was and its completely rotted out. the problem im stuck on is the shape off the transom. only the "V" area was reinforced. the sides of the transom are hollow and dont show any sign of reinforcement. the first thing that came to mind was seacast. maybe use the seacast spacers to encase the "v" and then pour it in.? looks like the transom was a thin coat of glass on eachside and alot of wood inbetween, not layers. love the boat design but not the steps he took in building it.  it is a mitch craft from sarasota,fl. 1989 15'2" model.  more pics of overhaul to come.  any opinions or help is appreciated. 
  2. DuckNut

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    I have used seacast and nida core transom compound and found them equally easy to use and of equal quality.

    I have used them on several boats and I will never use wood again.

    From your pics it appears that a pourable would be the easiest. Your rolled edge is acting as a brace/support for the transom.

    Personally I would dig it out and fill it with either product. You will need a very heavy duty drill to mix the stuff. Also have a couple buddies on hand to help and have everything ready before you mix because once you mix you won't have time to prepare anything. Build a strong support system to prevent buldging.