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    I know this is probably the wrong forum for this question, but I need some input.... I have an opportunity to purchase a 2007 sterling 180 TS with a 150 Yamaha four stroke with approximately 200 hours on it for 25,000. The boat has zero electronics or trolling motor; however, it does come with a poling platform, casting platform, hyd. jack plate and 8' powerpole. The boat is incredibly clean as is the trailer, but I dont know enough about the boat to make an informed decision. Is the price right for what ive mentioned and will this boat get me as skinny as a east cape, beavertail, hells bay, dolphin, etc. I read up on it some and the manuf. say it drafts an honest 9", but I wanted to hear from some potential owners. If possible, please comment as I value your input.
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    2007 Sterling 180 TS/FO(*) - 18'  Pricing Suggested List Price Low
    Retail Average Retail
    Base Price: High = $45,500 Low = $21,600 Average = $24,710
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    TOTAL PRICE $45,500 $21,600 $24,710
    Plus you have some extra's (poling platform, casting platform, hyd. jack plate and 8' powerpole trailer)

  3. I Love!

    dpends on what east cape or hells bay model you are comparing to. That sterling will compare with an East Cape Vantage or the Hells Bay Neptune or the HPX 18 but not with an east cape lostmen/caimen or hells bay whipray. If your looking to get really skinny and pole with ease then you need to look at something smaller. If you need to run big water occasionally and and you dont pole all he time and 8-10" draft is ok then the sterling 18 will work.
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    I think the east cape fury would compare to the sterling 18. Getting skinny, price point, and a sweet boat I would say the fury would run circles around the Sterling. If your getting skinny the caimen is the way to go though.
  5. 1luckyfisherman

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    Thanks guys for the comments. No doubt the east cape line will do what I need, but I've got good friend that runs a vantage and I know what he paid for it new in 2009. There's a considerable cost difference between the two! I'm a flats fisherman by heart and I know I'm not going to be happy if I cant find something that will fish in 10" of water, but I also need something that can handle choppy water. Hoenstly, the 150 on the sterling had me sold more than anything and I was told the boat would run 50-55. Tough decision!
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    I'm new here, but owned a 2005 180 (same hull but different deck) with a F115 it would do 47mph. It was stern heavy and could imagine that a 150 would make it squat a little more. You can always move the batteries to the front compartment if they are not already there. It was a wet boat even with the spray rails, but real solid and quiet. I could pole through 10"s with two of us on it. i bet it will fly with a 150. Hope that helps a bit.
  7. anytide

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    what he said... 18' anything and "skinny" don't go together.. ;)
    nor do they pole 'easy"... :cool:

  8. I Love!

    17'8" east cape caimen floats stupid shallow. 18 foot east cape lostmen floats shallower. hells bay galdes skiff is 17'8" and floats skinny and the same for the 18 waterman. Yes the longer the skiff the harder it is to make a quick turn or spin but it will always track better. Ride in chop will be much better and drier also.

    As for you decision I think you should look around. You say that you know what your friend paid for a new Vantage but that was what he paid brand new and you are comparing to a used price of a 5 year old boat. Both boats new would be in the same price. Unfortunatley there are not many used Vantages or Furys for sale because they have only been around a few years but that would be the best route. Maybe you should look at a hells bay guide/marquesa/18 waterman/neptune or gordon 18 waterman. Or possibly even a used Maverick HPX 17/18. Theres a lot of boats to choose from out there.

    Im sure the sterling 180 is a great boat but IMO if your looking for something to pole then the options I listed above are a much better choice. BUT if you dont plan to pole more than 20% of the time then a flats boat/bay hybrid like the sterling should work great for you.
  9. SilentHunter

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    if you wanna run the skinny, pole the flats, stay dry,comfy ride, handle the chop spend less for a brand new boat out the door.

    the Ankona copperhead or the new Ankona Cayenne tunnel hull is the way to go.
  10. Snookdaddy

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    The Sterling 18' is a wet riding boat. Let me repeat, The Sterling 18' is a wet boat. It is not the easiest to pole and probably drafts more than 10" with 2 peeps and a fishing load.

    I do not own a Sterling, but have a good friend that does and I'd be happy to give you his phone number to discuss "dry ride", draft and poleability.

    The price seems a little high to me.. You could darn near get a used HB Marquesa for that price. Another friend bought a used HB Marquesa with 168 hours on the boat for less than 25K... Just a thought.
  11. Taterides

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    I'd pass on it. You can buy a HB Watertman/Guide for that money. It will be a better functioning boat. As a bonus you will recover most of your investment when you sell it.
  12. 1luckyfisherman

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate all the responses. It was a tough decision, but at this point I'm going to keep my options open.
    Capt. Jason
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