Need a prop rehub

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by JRH, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. JRH

    JRH Well-Known Member

    Ran aground one too many times this winter.

    Need a prop rehub.

    Have used Ron @ Central Florida Props in the past, but I understand he might not be around anymore?

    Any recommendations? Daytona Beach area, but throwing it in the mail is fine.
  2. Brett

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  3. JRH

    JRH Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but I know how to use google and a phone book. ;)

    I was looking for a recommendation.
  4. captnron

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    CFP aka Ron has been MIA for some time now.

    I have heard nothing but good about "Halls". I think they are in Christmas?

    Halls Propeller Service
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    24700 East Colonial Drive
    Christmas Florida, FL 32709
    (407) 568-5506[ch8206]
    (321) 363-7521[ch8206] - Mobile
  5. Flyline

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    X2 what CaptnRon said.

    I known Ron"the prop artist" at CFP and now he is gone. So I switched to Halls' racing propellers in Christmas.

    He had done my props work done and always get a good results from him. He is offshore boat driver for his hobby like a "poker run" and he knows his stuff about props.

    I highly recommend him.
  6. JRH

    JRH Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, I will give them a call.
  7. B.Lee

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    A simple rehub is cake work for any prop shop.

    Hall's is a good shop, no doubt, but there may be a local shop that is serviced by General Propeller, and they too do great work.

    GP delivers all over the state, picks up too. Most shops that don't have a relationship with a local prop shop uses them, and has a set pick-up an delivery schedule. Ask around at some local shops, maybe save you a long trip.