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May 20, 2009

Navionics Launches Mobile 2.0 for iPhone

Chart your summer fun for as little as $4.99!

If you know Navionics, you’re aware of our reputation for employing some of the best engineers and innovators in the marine chart business – in fact, we have the awards to prove it. But this summer we’ll be hitting the water with the newest version of our Mobile App created specifically for iPhone users. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert mariner already familiar with Navionics Charts, or a novice navigator, you can unleash the fun of Navionics Mobile Charts starting at the ridiculously low price of $4.99.

Now, for those of you of a more practical nature – we haven’t forgotten about you. You can plan your next on-the-water excursion anytime or anywhere because the charts reside permanently on the iPhone. You can place digital markers as proof of where you caught all those fish, or you can show your friends exactly where you’ve sailed, I guess that might be categorized as fun, but you get the idea – literally – and so will your friends.

For a limited time this summer, experts and novices alike can purchase our most popular charts for a fraction of the regular cost. Just think, for the price of a couple of burgers you’re just a few low-calorie taps away from visiting your favorite ports or secret fishing spots - you could be planning a route, setting waypoints, checking tides & currents, and searching for Marinas. That’s a lot of fun for $4.99, and a lot less fattening!

We’re not joking – engineers rarely do! Our North American Apps will be available starting at $4.99. Our worldwide charts start at €9.99. Go on the iTunes App Store to download your region. If you don’t see your region listed at the sale price, check back soon… we’ll be updating the App Store daily.

Some of the features of the 2.0 version include:
• Totally new and intuitive graphic interface.
• New graphic display of Tides & Currents.
• Search by category, name or favorites.
• Specialty marine POIs and location based services added.
• Just one click to call on POI telephone data.
• Plan a route with multiple waypoints (up to 99).
• Display Track.
• Set markers.

Compatible with iPhone 3G.
iPod touch (2nd generation) is compatible but with limited functionality (no GPS, no Call)
Requires iPhone 2.2.1 Software Update

Learn more about Navionics and all our Mobile products:

About Navionics®:
For 25 years, Navionics has developed and manufactured electronic navigation charts and systems for marine, inland lakes and rivers, and for outdoors use. Navionics is based in Massarosa, Italy, and operates sales and manufacturing facilities in seven countries - conducting research and development, operations, production, sales, marketing and distribution. Navionics headquarters in Massarosa, Italy serves Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and manages the research, development, and production facilities globally. Navionics US headquarters, based in Wareham, Massachusetts, oversees the Americas. Navionics UK and Navionics Australia provide sales and distribution to their local regions.

View Marine and Lake maps for iPhone
Mobile Frequently Asked Questions
Mobile Users Guide

Need help finding the right App?
Toll free: 800-848-5896
Tel: 508-291-6000
[email protected]
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