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Navionics Apps Now Available in HD for iPad

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Navionics Apps Now Available in HD for iPad
The top-selling marine and lake apps in the world just got BIGGER!

Enjoy the clearest and most detailed marine and lake charts on your iPad! Apps now optimized in HD – with sensational hi-resolution graphics for the ultimate user experience!

Ideal for boaters, fishermen and water sport enthusiasts of all kinds. You can plan your on-the-water adventures, anytime anywhere.

Imagine planning your day on the water or showing your friends the tracks of your last cruise on the iPad’s dynamic multi-touch glossy display, comfortably sitting in your living room... anytime anywhere.

* iPad - Wi-Fi model locates your GPS position if Wi-Fi connected.
* iPad - Wi-Fi+3G model operates similar to iPhone with regard to GPS capability but no phone or camera

• Award-winning marine charts worldwide and lake maps (US and Canada) in HD
• Satellite imagery overlay
• Tides & currents, moon phase, sun/moon rise/set
• Tracks, routes and markers can be shared on facebook or via email and view them on Google Earth
• Route planning
• Waypoints & markers
• The largest database of marine POIs available
• In-app facebook

iPad apps prices start at 19.99 $/€.

For more information about the iPad Apps,
please visit our website at:

Please email [email protected] with questions.
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I Love!
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Hi you know if the Ipad with the navionics gives the actual depth information as you move around over the different depths? (not the chart depth numbers) I've called the Mac store and they are not sure.


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looks kind of cool but no chance i am paying for an iphone and an ipad version separately. if they were bundled good chance i would buy it and look at ipad at home and be able to glance/double check the iphone while out on the water.

Catch & Release
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You can get the least expensive non-data wi-fi only iPad (even an old used one) and tether it wirelessly to the data on your iPhone, so only one data plan to pay for. So only iPad needs waterproof case and can leave iPhone in a bag or plugged into power nearby.

Wish'n I was Fish'n!
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I've tried the Navionics on my iPhone and prefer the "GPS Kit" app because it doesn't white out the Satellite image of the flats, sand bars, and channels like the Navionics does. But with no waypoints you have to know where you want to go.

Considering I put my boat on a small 20' wide bar that is not shown on the Navionics map while struggling to see the IPhone display in bright sunlight while following an old track on my Lowrance shows that there is no substitute for plain old-fashioned eyesight. (I guess that's what co-pilots are for.)

Unless you have a way to mount that iPad out of the sun I don't see how you could ever use it while cruising.
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