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For Immediate Release:
The Ultimate Navionics Hot Maps Platinum and Platinum+ Chart Experience now available for Navico HDS Series Plotters Wareham, Mass. – Navionics, the leader in electronic charting and digital navigation data, is pleased to announce that Lowrance's latest HDS software update # now fully supports Navionics complete cartography library up to and including HotMaps Platinum and Platinum+.

Navionics software, embedded in new Lowrance HDS units, is specifically designed to fully exploit the capabilities of the latest HotMaps Platinum and Platinum+ cartography. The Lowrance HDS series, powered by Navionics, dramatically increases the functionality and display capabilities of the HDS series by leveraging Navionics marine charts and lake maps to provide boaters with the ultimate High Definition Bathy and 3-D charting experience.

Navionics exclusive charting engine delivers seamless, fluid pan and zoom, rotation and pitch functionality – much like a flight simulator, as well as seamless transition between 2D and 3D views, real-time overlay of navigation data on 3D profiles, depth and elevation shadowing, and high-speed fly-through with detailed aerial photo overlay. Benefits include improved situational awareness, improved depth perception in both 2D and 3D views, and integrated panning and zooming functions with detailed top-down aerial photos.

Navionics Platinum+ marine charts and HotMaps Platinum lake maps provide users a wealth of sophisticated features including 3-D bathymetric views and aerial port photography, marinas and other points of interest. In addition, HotMaps Platinum lake maps offer users detailed charts of over 14,000 North American lakes and our exclusive surveys and high-resolution 3-D map views of over 700 top U.S. tournament lakes and waters.

“Navionics has embedded a proprietary charting engine in the latest software for the Lowrance HDS series,” said Bill Eastwood, Global Product Manager at Navionics. “With Navionics inside controlling charting operations, the HDS plotter offers users an entirely new way to experience bathymetric, top-down, 3-D and other exclusive Navionics data.”

Visit your dealer for a demonstration of Navionics charting and Lowrance HDS. Contact us at [email protected] for more information. Or visit our website: for more information.

Download Lowrance HDS update # including a full, working Navionics Platinum+ demonstration of the San Francisco, Golden Gate area at

About Navionics®: For 25 years, Navionics has developed and manufactured electronic navigation charts and systems for marine, inland lakes and rivers, for outdoors use and Smartphone applications. Navionics is based in Massarosa, Italy, and operates sales and manufacturing facilities in seven countries - conducting research and development, operations, production, sales, marketing and distribution. Navionics headquarters in Massarosa, Italy serves Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and manages the research, development, and production facilities globally. Navionics US headquarters, based in Wareham, Massachusetts, oversees the Americas. Navionics UK and Navionics Australia provide sales and distribution to their local regions.
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