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You all probably wonder what takes me so long to build boats. Well my other obsession that takes up a lot of my time is our apiary. My fiancé and I raise honey bees!! We have 14 hives total! Next year we hope to be up around 40. Our plan, now that I don’t a work full time job, is to go full time with bees in the next couple of years.

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I grew up raising bees with my father, it’s a lot of work but very satisfying. I recently had an old hippie professor that has an apiary and he came to the house and I helped him vacuum up a huge swarm that was in my trash can. We did it at night no suits. Dude made a modified shop vac that has 5 gallon bucket inserts to catch the swarm without harming many, if any.

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A couple of my neighbors ran the Brushy Mtn Bee Farm (supplies) till last year when Steve and Sandy sold to a "northern" outfit who promptly ran it in the ground and closed a couple month ago, laying-off about 100 folks.

Used to keep several + stands but got allergic to stings. Now I plant lots of bee friendly cover crops on the farm. They need all the help we can give.

One of my droll neighbor's bee jokes was: Where's a bee put it's stinger? In it's honey, silly.
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