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Got rained out for sanding Monday, only got 2 hours sanding done.

But got 5 hours in tonight, after work.
Got the sides maybe 75% there.
Just gotta put in time for finishing details.

Got the bottom roughed in. Definitely have some hours left there.

But it’s major progress for an evening.
Gonna do the same tomorrow, after work

Here’s where I ended up

Wood Rectangle Automotive exterior Hardwood Plank

Table Wood Bumper Gas Automotive exterior

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Gonna be solid rain all weekend, with the tropical storm………
But I got another 6 hours in tonight after work.

Got the bottom COMPLETELY finish sanded,
ready for 545 epoxy.

Took forever, with all the curves & ribs. But it’s done.

Sides & transom will be far easier to finish, they are pretty good as they sit.

Pics don’t look much different than last night, but it’s really smooth in person.

Couple boring progress pics
Wood Fence Bumper Landscape Automotive exterior

Grille Table Wood Bumper Shade


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That is gonna be the straits gheeno ever built! Work looks great boss. Looking forward to seeing some color. Have you decided on that yet?
Thanks Mike, I really appreciate!
Hopefully the hull should look pretty straight.

Finally got the high build completely blocked out, ready for 545 epoxy primer.

Most time consuming part was blocking the belt line crease, on the hull sides.

I used a 3m block, with stick it sandpaper run flush to the edge of block.

Then angle sanded till the block stopped at the crease.

Did this above & below the crease, and it really left a crisp straight line for the crease.

Finished blocking sides with a long flex block, & got it real straight I think

With luck, I’ll get 545 primer shot Friday.

I think I have color picked!
I wanted something different, because the Gheenoe comes in every color that exists.

Think I got it, I’ll keep you posted if it works out

Pics look the same, but it’s really smooth & straight in person

Thanks for looking

Furniture Table Outdoor bench Wood Asphalt

Wood Asphalt Fence Rectangle Composite material


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Finally got 545 epoxy primer sprayed tonight!
SUPER happy for that.

Got 3 good coats sprayed, should sand out nice

Here’s a couple shots of where I ended up, thanks for looking!

Looks like the careful blocking of the hull side belt line crease paid off. The crease is real smooth & straight
Wood Rectangle Automotive exterior Shade Bumper

Wood Automotive exterior Composite material Bumper Metal

Glad I got the screen for the opening. Bugs were super intense tonight!!

Mesh Textile Audio equipment Wood Net


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Haven’t posted many updates, I realize this is probably the least exciting thing to follow.

Kinda like “I sprayed primer, then I sanded, here’s pics…..”:sleep:

But it’s where I’m at haha.

Been blocking the white 545 primer.

Had to use a black powder guide coat.
It’s just too light colored to tell what’s happening without the guide coat.

Got the sides da’ed & finish blocked with 400.
Came out real straight.
Used 6” da to knock it down, using a 1/2 foam backing pad

Grille Electronic instrument Skyscraper Audio equipment Manhole cover

This goes on the da backIng pad, then sandpaper attaches to foam.
Really helps with all the compound curves, & keeps from burning thru.

Then I finish blocked with this set.

Nice for the money, & perfect for so many different shapes.
Motor vehicle Automotive design Font Publication Automotive exterior

All 6 blocks are under $50.
To block out the sides, I mostly used this one
Rectangle Wood Shade Tints and shades Road surface

It conforms well to the different curves

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Once the sides were coated with black powder guide coat, after blocking bow
Wood Rectangle Composite material Hardwood Plank

16’ boat suddenly seems HUGE….

After DA & light blocking, you see this:
Rectangle Grey Composite material Material property Automotive exterior

So basically block until the dark spots go away.
I sprayed the 545 straight with no reducer.
So it doesn’t lay down as smooth.
But gives good fill.

After sides were pretty much done hours later, had this:
Wood Automotive exterior Asphalt Rectangle Wood stain

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Once sides were done, time for the bottom.

Was REALLY dreading this. SO many different contours & curves.

And I DON’T want to sand thru, and have to spot prime & blend those spots…..

So I took my time.

Powder guide coated entire bottom, just can’t wait to do all this sanding……
Product Wood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Flooring

Since each different section is so narrow, the 6” da is way too big to knock it down.

I would DEFINITELY sand thru the edges.
So I used a 3” DA with same foam interface pad
Revolver Glove Grey Bullet Gas

Saved SO much time knocking it down, couldn’t live without this.

Next I cut down a few of the foam sanding blocks, from the set I showed.

Had to cut them SMALL, so they wouldn’t cut thru the edges everywhere.

Here’s the 3 blocks I used on the bottom.
Worked perfect, got into every contour
Flowerpot Textile Rectangle Table Box

I worked 1 small section at a time.
Before knocking down w 3” DA:
Water Grey Electric blue Tints and shades Wind wave

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After knocking down w DA
Tints and shades Wood Composite material Automotive exterior Automotive tire

Then finished with the small hand blocks, one section at time

Textile Road surface Rectangle Jersey Asphalt

The key is neatly cutting & attaching sandpaper to the block, so it doesn’t stick out past block.

This way you can control where you sand, to avoid burning thru an edge

Blue Rectangle Grey Asphalt Wood

As things progressed
Automotive tire Grey Wood Freezing Twig

Water Liquid Body of water Wood Grey

I saved every edge (still black) for last.

That way I could carefully blend without sanding thru
Automotive design Wood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Composite material

Wood Automotive tire Rectangle Automotive exterior Asphalt

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After finishing each section, I gently blended each edge. Super thankful, NO burn thru!
Hood Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Fender Automotive design

After all was said & done, got to here. Only panel left to sand is the transom!

Sorry for the long winded posts.

I’m sure there are better ways a pro would use.
Wanted to share in case any part helps somebody out

Thanks for looking!

Furniture Wood Rectangle Table Outdoor furniture

Wood Rectangle Plank Wood stain Outdoor bench

Wood Automotive exterior Road surface Asphalt Composite material

Chair Comfort Wood Hood Rectangle

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Straitest gheenoe I have ever seen. Its gonna be so slick. Decided on product and color? I would awlcraft 2000 with the clear and buff it till it was wet looking sitting on the trailer. You've gone this far!
Hey Mike,
Wowsers, I’m sorry I never replied!
I missed this, sorry man!!

I really thought about doing clear & buffing.
Honestly wasn’t sure how tough the clear is, or how it would hold up over the years….

So I’m just going to just do ms600.
At least I can buff any paint errors.

And spot repair & blend as needed.

I have to remind myself that the hull will be up in the mangroves, so stuff will happen haha

Had paint mixed!!
Should arrive today!! I’ll open can to show color

With luck, I’ll finally paint TOMORROW NIGHT!!!

I appreciate you following Mike

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FINALLY got hull sprayed last night!!!
So happy to cross that bridge, you have no idea.

All the fairing paid off.
The hull sides came out really straight.

Thank God everything went smooth spraying everything.
Only issues are maybe 6 small gnats to buff out……

Even with the screen up, some gnats got inside.
Were hundreds on the outside of screen though

No biggie I’ll take it!!
Couple hours will solve these small issues.

For color I wanted something a little different.

Ended up getting a lighter green olive mixed up.
Tableware Petri dish Dishware Liquid Serveware

In some lights it looks khaki, others more green olive.

Here’s where I ended up:

Ready to start:

Electric fan Tire Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle

After spraying
Hood Automotive tire Wood Automotive exterior Bumper

In the sun today

Asphalt Wood Table Bumper Automotive exterior

Tire Wheel Wood Outdoor furniture Bumper

Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior Wood

Wood Asphalt Shade Road surface Track

Table Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Wood

Wheel Tire Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle

Thanks for following thru all the boring stuff!


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