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Well I’ve been without a boat for years now, and REALLY wanted to get back in.

Last boat was a 15’ Bubba Boat (Gheenoe copy), 18hp tiller. Loved that boat!!

Fast forward, recently picked up a Gheenoe LT25 CC.

I know they’re not for everybody, but for me it’s literally a dream boat. Perfect for SWFL backwaters.

So this has all the options I’d ever want. Raised front & rear decks, 25hp Tohatsu with trim/tilt, Bob’s hydraulic JP, Minn Kota Talon, trolling motor, etc.

Everything is in solid shape.
Inside gel coat is in great shape.

Hull gel coat needs some love. Normal bumps & bruises for a boat.

I’m not crazy about the dark hull color….
So I’m going to spray the hull sides & bottom.
Awlgrip or Alexseal, not sure of color - just want lighter cool color.

Here’s the starting point, hull looks perfect in pics but needs some love. Hull is way darker in real life, not so bright:


Thanks for looking, I’ll post more progress I made next!

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Thanks NativeBone!

I got the CC stripped down. Making some changes there.

Going to have all the holes filled in CC, except Steering & Throttle.

Moving the tach more to center, so I can add water pressure & temp.

Moving JP switch, switch panel, key/kill switch.
Thinking of going with a NewWire Marine custom panel.
I can do everything in 1 panel. Switches, key & kill switch, JP switch, & volt meter.

Should be way cleaner.

Hull needs repair from a horrible previous repair. It’s the only hull damage:

The CC patches & gel coat work, plus the hull patch are the only things I’m not going to do myself.

Collier Fiberglass will do those, that way I can move on to painting hull.

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Gonna be cool when done!

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Made great progress this week.

Collier Fiberglass got all 1000 extra holes filled in CC, way cleaner now

They also repaired the hole in hull near bow. I forgot to take pics of bow

Got all the screw holes filled under the rear hatch.
Just drilled them slightly bigger, to get to clean glass. Hit them with a countersink bit, & filled with thickened West Systems.

Light sanding will be fine to finish




Drilled the rivets, skid the rub rail off the hull.

The top edge of hull (that rub rail slides over) was cut SUPER wavy!!
Granted it’s hidden, but…..

So I ran a tape line, & sanded hull straight


Much better now!


So today I can wash the hull & bilge, and get the boat ready to mask and flip for paint!

Just gotta prepare for 10000% humidity ha!

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Got the hull & bilge washed.

Then I got everything masked inside the hull,
so I can flip upside-down to paint.

Got the front & rear decks done.
Then inside sectioned off in blue tape

Then did the sections in masking paper. Used regular masking tape to tape the paper to the blue tape.



Took FOREVER, but it’s ready to flip now.

Thanks for looking!

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Had a great day today. Me & my Dad got the hull flipped upside down, & put on the cart we built.

Needed the cart on casters, so I can roll the boat outside.

Don't have any great pics of the cart, but you get the idea.
Made 2x6 cross bunks, to support the F&R raised decks. Put 1/2” yoga matts on the bunks, so decks don’t get damaged.

Also put bunks on the false floor, parallel to CC. So the hull is supported in every direction.




Now had to figure a way to flip hull, with only me & Dad.
Lucky to have an car rotisserie, so adapted that.
Only tricky part, the pivot point of the F&R rotisseries have to be at same height to spin.
So the I built the transom mount to put it at same height as bow.
Bolted it thru the Jack plate transom mounts.
The rotisserie is adjustable, so you can spin the car easy, regardless if it’s top or bottom heavy.

Used gantry to lift off trailer


got trailer out from under


And flipped it like an omelette



Got the cart in position

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Got some free time, so made some progress today.

Got the entire hull wiped down multiple times with denatured alcohol to degrease.

Got all the deep scratches & gouges filled. Used west systems, thickened with 407.

Did everything that caught a fingernail.
Dremeled out the few tiny gouges, for better bite.

Hit lightly with 80 grit, and filled everything.
Not totally neat, but I don’t want to have to fill again.

Used enough extra to do in 1 application.
407 sands super easy anyways. I’ll sand it tomorrow after work.

Whatever shallow scratches remain will be done with awlfair. The remaining ones are super shallow, most will sand out

Not terribly exciting, but progress is progress!
Thanks for looking!




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