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So my objective was to do a little pre-fishing for Super Lure Slam on October 26, but for once the wind was down, the tides were great, and the water clarity allowed for sight casting that we normally don't see until November. So I pulled out the 5 wt, tied on a High Flies Mulletaire and went to work.

Anyone who has been to, and paid attention to, my seminars know the great blue heron is a huge fishing buddy for me. Today was a testament to that. If his butt feathers are touching the water, I am going to work his line and all around him. So today, I worked a TB shore line with a heron, poling in about 12 inches very silently. It resulted in a perfect head-on shot with a slot red, a perfect cast, and that red tracking the fly for about 20 feet until it did the typical TB redfish thing where it just stops dead in its tracks and decides to give me the finger!

I kept working the same line as the heron and did manage to score one small red on the 5 wt blind casting out in front of where the heron was working after he flew off.

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GB Heron, the best fisherman on the lake, most of the time. I have one that winters in my Texas pond. Watching him/her snap up a wayward baitfish is fun. Thanks for sharing.
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