My first year with an Islamorada 18

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jtrev3, Oct 6, 2017.

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    Boondock Saints (great flick if you have not seen it yet)

    "Why do you need that stupid rope?"
    "Charlie Bronson always has a rope, and he always ends up using it!"
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    I've been missing stuff like this, one of the things i love about coming here is every once in a while a good debate comes on here that pisses a few people off.

    @FlyCoast , i'm not sure why you came here if you didn't want to see people talking crap about things all the time. It's been pretty tame the past few months but sh*t gets stirred up quite a bit and you can't loose it every time and drop the f-bomb. Especially, if you're the new guy trying to insult the intelligence of some senior members who don't care if you think they are intelligent or not.

    Gotta love @Rene Delgado with the hilarious random motor question in there, I thought you had a Merc on that spyder.

    I was waiting for @Smackdaddy53 to get stirred up as well, you might be right @EdK13.


  3. FlyCoast

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    It's all in good fun mate. I just like to get a rise out of people.

    Not new, I've been a member since 2012/13. I got locked out of my old account.
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  4. Megalops

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    Brazilnutt, is that you!?!
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    Haha the nut!
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    This thread is proving his original point, unfortunately.
  7. FlyCoast

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    Haha, the nut was in a different league.
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    Best. Response. Ever.
  9. jboriol

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    I give this one an 8.5
    Sorry...still not as good as Hal v. Flip!
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    I just sold my 04 marquesa to a guy that had a 12 degree chittum. He owns a 4 degree and a 12 degree. "He" said he liked how the marquesas rode better in chop so that's why he was buying mine. The guy that delivers chittum skiffs for Hal Chittum picked my boat up from me to take it to HB cause the buyer was getting some things done to it before final delivery. I asked him about all that social media bull and he said that once Hal found out he was doing that he put a stop to it. The driver said that that's not Hal's attitude toward the other companies and Hal isn't like that at all. I get business competition and all that but I thought the way the guy was calling other companies out the way he did was a little much. Looked horrible for Chittum IMO. Not sure if the same guy is still running the account but I have noticed less bashing or none at all. We talked a while and I asked why so expensive? I mean they are high, and so is a brand new HB too. He claimed it's the most uniquely built skiff there is out there. Not sure how cause he couldn't really give me any details. He wasn't too savvy on how boats are built and honestly I'm not either. I think they are nice but I just can't justify spending that much on any boat company brand new. That's why I stay in the used market.
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    We got us some real live "Kevlar cowboys"
  12. Barbs_deep

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    So you're saying this 12 degree hull will pole sub 6" like a Waterman ? Not doubting you, sincerely asking as I'm looking to maybe move up from a waterman.

    Also, what differences did you notice in the 2 vs 12 degree to make you chose the 12 degree hull ?

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    I can’t believe I missed this thread as wasting my time on other threads haha.

    Just because someone owns a Chittum doesn’t mean there rich.. maybe they like to make stupid decisions with there money. Just like if someone owns a Gheenoe doesn’t guarantee that there poor. Did you know most millionaires own a Toyota more than any other car brand?

    The whole rich/poor argument is stupid. Warren Buffet still uses a flip phone and drives a 31k Caddy.

    No way is a 12 degree going to pole in 6”. Look at the picture. Looks like the top of the tabs would be out of the water at 6”.
  14. Sabalon

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    I have a Chittum. They’re good boats and do several things very well, but there is no boat that can do all the things we do while chasing flats species perfectly. Every boat is a compromise.

    I’ve had more fun on a $10,000 panga than any of the rest of the boats I’ve owned or been on combined. That’s the point of the whole thing...all the rest of it is just noise.
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    why I do used boats. Find something with good DNA, rewire, new power, wet sand and buff.

    Go fishin.
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  16. Stevie

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    My 2 degree Chittum tunnel will ship to POC late next week. The build process is on time as expected; 3 months after confirming final specs to Hal.

    I generally prefer to buy used. Will provide a review later this fall.
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