My boat can do about yours.

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    Copy and paste in your URL.;jsessionid=EF8BBEF9775EF6286F9A6106E26C5542?displayContent=219579

    My center console can do this. Nothing impressive here.
  2. mark_gardner

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    for a minute there i thought someone filmed me heading down the icw this weekend in my f & f but then i realized that boats a little bit bigger :D ;D

  3. makin moves

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    I just wish my boat had the gun that the big boat had on the front of it [smiley=bigun2.gif] I would use it to take out jet ski's however that gun is bigger than my boat ;D
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  5. nate.

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    too bad they weren't on an egret.
  6. anytide

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    x2 ;D
  7. TomFL

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    Actually I think I saw that A-hole from XXX forum showing his egret jumping waves go by the big boat at 60+ mph, explaining the virtues of his egret over any other boat on the market.

    Gotta laugh...... :D


  8. B.Lee

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    Ouch, that'll hurt your resale value...and your back.
  9. TomFL

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    No, no... he's been doing that for 3 years, 100 mile runs (1 way). Says the boat can handle it and lands like a marshmallow.

    Anyone who questions him is a "hater"... and doesn't know how to drive a boat.

    Typical 18 year old with Daddy's money. It's what you learn after you know everything that counts...

  10. mark_gardner

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    please consider this fellas, ya'll dont know jblocal like i do and while there was a certain amount of so called "smack talking" going on you have to admire his youthfull spirit and if "daddy's" money ( which i honestly doubt) paid for his fun so be it  :)   he his living life to the fullest and having no regrets and to me thats what life is really all about  ;) did he wreck the boat or not seems to be a bit of discussion on the forum and quite frankly i want to see his rig same time next year and i'm sure i will  ;D he still cant get as skinny as me and i dont personally care whos boat can beat the chop and who's cant cause i'm not out competeing with a bunch of jet skiers i'm out try'n to slay some reds  ;D those egrets have a tried and true hull design  unmatch by only a few  :cool:  they can talk while i'm out catch'n ;) watch the video and you'll see that some of this is being blown way out of proportion   :cool: but in the end chris can drive a boat with the best of them  ;)

    p.s. while i'm not a liberty to quote ages i can say  i'm almost 46 y.o. and he's only a year maybe two behind me if i'm not  mistaken  :-/
  11. Wizfisher

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    Hey one and all, i was alerted to this thread by a friend who frequents Jans forum. I think its pretty lame to call me names when you dont even know me or my boating or fishing experience. Also i believe ite downright imature.

    Sounds to me like the name callers have isuues with their own selves.Just figured id drop in and give a holla. Jan knows exactly who i am, and knows im not 18 and have probably owned more boats in the last 25 years than any of the name callers will own in a lifetime.

    Its just sad to me when a bunch of kn ow it alls hide behind their keyboards and fire shots and someone they know nothing me this guy Nte takes the cake of all.

    Just remember Nate.....when your boat fails to perform to your expectations. Please dont sink it as you try to cross Tampa bay in your poling skiff unless its less then one foot. The outcome will probably end up not in your favor.

    Have a great day......oh and by the way.....thanks Jan for letting your forum members call people whom they do not know not very nice least at FS they would have deleted such an ignorant post....

    Cheers as you would say ::)
  12. TomFL

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    Sorry, my bad. 46 going on 18.

    I couldn't find the original thread on the XXX forum, so if you can find it go ahead and post a link, since you're friends with Jan he shouldn't mind it.

    Here's the debatable points in a nutshell.

    I'm not going to debate with you whether driving a boat like that for 100 miles each way is the safe or correct way to drive a boat; it's obvious from your responses on the other threads you're set in your ways. We see things different, that's all. You say tomatoe and I say tomato. No biggie.

    You've already stated on the other forum time and time again just how much better of a boat captain you are than anyone else on the forum, so we'll let you have that one no contest. You're the man.

    Egrets are a fine boat, no doubt. Are they the "best"? For who? For what kind of fishing? What might be the best boat for one might not work at all for another. Are they the best boat for fishing shallow and still "land like a marshmallow" when jumping? I dunno, maybe they have move marshmallow-landing-inducing "V" in the bottom than any other non-marshmallow flats boat. So let's just leave this alone as they are definitely "top-shelf" boats and should be considered by anyone looking for a quality ride (and marshmallow landings).

    So that just leaves whether the boat is built to handle that abuse and I think the best way to settle it is to have the owner of Egret boats come on here and publicly write up a short letter stating that A) His boats are built to take that punishment and he actually recommends you drive them like that because it won't hurt them (remember they "land like a marshmallow"), and B) He'll gladly warranty any issues that arise from driving one of his boats like that.

    That would very quickly and easily put all us skeptics in our place and I'll instantly offer you a public apology for ever doubting your knowledge of boats, and/or your driving habits. 

    Lastly, although I don't know you, my personal opinion of you is based on reading the responses of your posts where you called everyone who questions your safe handling of a boat, or who didn't think it was good or comfortable to drive a boat like that a "hater" (or worse) or lambasted them stating they didn't know how to drive a boat and basically called every other boat brand a POS, and flat-out stated you drive a boat like that for "100 miles each way" without ever having a rough landing, etc, etc. What I learn from your posts is that you're the best boat driver, own the best boat, and are always right.

    That's enough for me to know I don't want you on the water anywhere around me and I'll gladly give you a wide berth, there's plenty of water out there for both of us.
  13. Wizfisher

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    Wow....and angry old man are u. Im sure the owner of Egret could care a less about how his boats are run . He builds a quality boat thats made to be fished. Its very simple.And yes, i can drive a boat, be it a sporty or a skiff, it doesnt matter.


    As FAR AS RUNNING THE BOAT 100MILES ONE WAY.....THIS WAS DONE during a tourny......this was done during the redfish cup at of Biloxi Miss last year across the gulf of Mexico thru the mississippi sound.....somewaters you probabably dont even have any idea exist.

    Enjoy ur latte and tight lines seem to know everything.

    PS half your quotes about what you have read are far from the truth.Also i would like to coorrect your lack of knowledge on what the shots were actually was a video shoot for the new Egret website. So maybe that might help your P - BRAIN understand a little better what was going on. ;D
  14. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    Dude, I'm not going to argue with you, there's no point in either of us doing that.

    I posted a pic and made some statements about my opinon, which I'm entitled to. It's based on your demeanor, your actions, and the way you come across. I think if you actually read your typed words, you'd admit that you come across, well....a bit gruff.

    Very quickly, here's some of your quotes from the thread:

    You said: "ive done this for many years and am very comfortable and in total control"

    You said: Ive made many runs across the misssissippi sound were launches like this were the norm during 100mile runs one way thru the gulf of mexico. Nothing new to me.

    You said: "Its an o7. Ive been running it this hard since day one. During Redfish Cup and FlW events from Galveston Bay Texas, Venice LA, Across the Mississippi Sound (which is the gulf of Mexico), Charlotte Harbor, Sarasota Bay, Tampa much worse conditions than were in the pics.With runs of up to 100 miles one way."

    You said: "this is what happens when you are in a true 2 too 3 ft swell chop"

    You also added: "Also, my cooler didnt move, trolley didnt break, boat didnnt crack, didnt get wet or sprayed on."

    You said: "Ive owned many inshore boats...and i have broke everyone of them."  ;)

    More quotes from you:

    "The boats being run the way the should.No need to hate...the Egrets SHINE when it gets like this"

    "Its the law of the ocean and swells . Either deal with it or dont take ur boat outside the inlet."

    "I know how to drive a boat...from sportys to flats boats."

    "When driving in snotty conditions...the boats will tend to launch when hiting swells (faster than 10 mph)"

    Here's a good one: "Second, you must not run in the ocean much, cause if you getting aired out is the norm even below 30mph when its 2 to 3 ft SEMI TIGHT seas. Unless your in a 36 Yellowfin"

    "GEEEZ..........this forum has lots o commandos willing tro comment on something they really no nothing about, and its apperant."

    "I do run the boat like that when its tourny time"

    "Another reason i bought the Egret.....your back dont hurt. Boat dont crack.The Egret lands like a marshmellow"

    "Well over 700hrs and not a crack in it"

    I wonder if Frank the owner of Egret boats has come by yet to back up this statement in writing: "The Egret was made to eat these exact situations up like this" and include that written guarantee I mentioned above..........

    When people even suggested that your actions were unsafe, you responded to any and every one of them with the following:

    1) "the inexperienced will continue to is what it is"

    2) "The best bet for the haters out their is to stay at the dock and dont venture out past were they can see the ramp"

    3) "you look like a bitter old fart that likes to get preachy."

    4) "corporate clowns who are full of themselves."

    5) "If someone is that clueless and doesnt have the experience or know how to drive a boat"

    6) "Shouldnt you be fishin in Tenesee, pitchin some lilly pads ....maybe bumpin a crankbait off a cyprus stump?Catchin u a few blue gills...dont they have a tennesee forum???"

    7) "UH OH......its the only Lake And Bay owner in the keys that races around chummin for bonefish on the edge of the flats cause his boat drafts to much to get up on them.....i inspire to be like u my friend.. Clown"

    8) "Jealoulsy amongst a bunch of keyboard coomandos is hilarious to me."

    9) "For all you "OLD" broke back guys out their that are scared to take your boats in anything over 6 inches...their is no need to be jealous or hate"




    13) "Bunch of bored ole farts.All you SISSYS should unite and have a sandbar gathering .......maybe talk about how your manicure went......while sipping a ZIMA."

    14) "Maybe i can take lessons from u..oh mighty boat "captain"

    15) "carry on oh mighty captain know it all."

    16) "To scared to hit the gas a bit in fear of messing up your hair or dropping your ZIMA on the deck"

    I made the prediction that you were 18, and I was wrong, you're 40-ish. I apologize. I also made the prediction you were spending Dadd's money, and between all the "just got back from surfing for the second time today" quotes, I think you hit the nail on the head with this quote:

    "maybe i can get my daddy to trade in the Egret and get me one."

    So I was 50% right.

    This is my fave of all though:

    "the Egret will hands down hold its resale value much better than any other boat in its class. "

    I'm guessing NOT yours though, eh?  ;)
  15. Wizfisher

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    Yes i love to surf! Yes i love to snow board! Yes i travel and surf and fish all over central america. Yes i grew up racing dirtbikes....i still race mountainbikes. Yes i like to have fun and stay in shape. No i dont sit behind the computer and do the 9 to 5 thing and comment from my desk while sitting in a cubicle.

    I feel sorry for someone that doesnt know how to get out and enjoy life. Fishing is great, but i also have many other hobbies that are way more physical and just as enjoyable than fishing.

    As matter of fact....i caught some good waves yesterday for three hours in the back to the hous loaded up the boat with my girfriend in tow and was catching flood tide tailing redfish within 30 minutes of leavig my house.

    Its called livin the dream as far as im concerned.I would just call it the beach lifestyle....

    By the way....came take a look at my boat and you would swer it just rolled off the show room floor. 800hrs and its an 07.

    Good bye. :p
  16. iMacattack

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    After several weeks off the water then burning my arm badly. I take a well deserved hiatus and go do some fishing... irony alert... out of an Egret. Fire up my website to find this crap?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!? This is not the place for this crap!

    Tom, out of respect for the higher caliber members, like yourself, that we cultivate here vs. other "Florida" fishing forums. I ask that please refrain from squabbling with Mr Ratown. Nothing positive will come of this. It will end poorly.

    Chris, I was having a conversation this morning with a fellow Egret owner. I'm sure you remember him. I mentioned how your internet bravado has put a poor light on great products. He agreed. Tom's thread, reflects the sour taste your posts leave with those who read them. It's systemic of the negative nature with which topics your participation in ultimately take. As someone who appreciates the quality and versatility of Egret I can say I cringe when I read your writings.

    At the Egret owners tourney a few years back you seamed like a great guy who had a positive outlook on life but had mildly intense personality. It was working well for you. I'm not sure what has happened but your online personal has become very poisoning of late. It reflects poorly on yourself, Egret and any other venture your associated with. If you can turn down the volume on that intensity, we are more than welcoming here.

    If you have no desire but to bring the same rants that are posted on other forums then I would respectfully request you refrain from participating on our forum.

    Thank You
    Captain Jan M. Lemieux
  17. aflatsnut

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    What a waste of internet space!
  18. Wizfisher

    Wizfisher I Love!

    I agree with you Jan. I wont be back.Im just fine ...believe me. I think they way you judge me with your online criticism of how i respond to people who call me names and lies is your opinion.

    As far as making you cringe im sorry, and yes, i agree its a waste of time trying to deal with a bunch of people who really know nothing about Egret boats and make false comments on them and about them that are totaly false. I tell the truth, and you can take it to the bank.....kinda like when someone asks for free samples of some product claiming to do a review....9 months never happenend. Remember,....nothing is free.....someone has to pay for the "free" product.

    Please practice what you preach.

    Tight Lines Chris ::)
  19. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Sorry to see you go Chris, but do be fooled though. The opinion I've expressed is shared by many others. I'm simply the vehicle through which many are expressing their distain for that negativity that ends up in many threads. I hope that you can pull the throttle back a bit on that intensity. You have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience that would be a wealth of information to new comers. I've had the utmost respect for your boating and fishing skills.

    With regards to the fishing jigs. As mentioned just recently I have three people all field testing and reporting back. We are finishing the review and will be posting our findings very soon.

    Capt. Jan
  20. TomFL

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    Ratown (and all forum members), my apologies. Out of context for me, let's agree to disagree and move on.

    Bigger-n-better things in life to consume each of our times with.